TS Drivers and Fairway Woods

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By Darius V

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  1. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    WOW !!!! I had the pleasure of trying out the new line of TS drivers and Fairway Woods on Saturday at the Titleist National Fitting Centre. What an awesome experience. I did not get measured for the Driver, but I did try it out and easily gained yardage over my 917 D2 without any loss in accuracy. Chris fit me for the Fairway Wood and I found a significant increase in both my ball speed (something to do with the new design of the head) and almost 16 yards in added distance. Once again, the accuracy did not change either. I was a little off on my 3 wood swing on Saturday and even so it was very exciting to see the new TS perform when I striped it ! Here is a picture of my mug shot with my increase in ball speed and increase in distance. The new face design is even more forgiving than my 913 Fairway Wood so it will certainly help on those days when I am not swinging at my best. Looking forward to picking one up to start the 2019 season :). If you get a chance to try one out on the Titleist Thursdays, it will be worth your while. I look forward to hearing how much distance you found with the new TS Line !

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  2. Sorry I missed it as I invited 7 guys to play at my course last Saturday, and then I received an invite. I would have loved to had gone, but how do you uninvite your buddies to an event that you planned. Next year.
    That, and last time I went to a fitting I went in just expecting to be a spectator, and ended up buying a new set of irons within 5 months.
  3. Lumpy

    Port Colborne, ON

    Though I haven’t been fitted yet. I have had a chance to hit both TS2 & TS3. Both great and I really loved to hit the TS2.

    Hope to get up for a proper fitting soon.
  4. steve m

    steve m
    oakville, ON

    I also had the opportunity to try out the new TS2 and TS3 drivers last Saturday at the Titleist National Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest GC. I was literally stunned by the results I achieved with the TS2 as my ball speed increased by 5.1 mph and my total distance on average increased by a whopping 21.1 yards! Another surprise was that my accuracy and dispersion of shots remain very similar to what I experience with my current 910D2 making the comparison between the 910 and the TS2 virtually seamless with the exception of the added distance bonus!
    A huge thank you to Mitch D , Chris and all of the others at Titleist for organising the event which was very informative and a pleasure from stat to finish. There is no doubt that after many great years it is time to retire my 910D2 and I am anxiously awaiting to get my hands on the TS2.

    TS2 or TS3 ? The good folks at Titleist are there to help you choose the best fit for your game.

    I really think you are going to like these...
  5. steve m

    steve m
    oakville, ON

    In addition to my previous post I placed my order for my fitted TS2 this morning through GolfTown. Now the the excitement and anticipation for it to arrive begins...

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