Labour Day Classic

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By BMaddigan

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  1. Beside our Club Closing(which I don't play in due to the fact that it is a scramble), this weekend is our last Club tournament of the year. 2 man best ball, full handicaps. Due to my age, 52, I get to play from tees that are totally unsuitable for me as they are too long. However, my wedge play and putting have allowed me to score some good results over the last couple years. This year, the course is going to play even longer as we have had more than our share of rain in Southern Ontario over the past 10 days. I am going to be hitting fairways woods and driver on all of the par 3s, and with some of the par 4s playing well north of 400 yards I am going to be hitting wedges or more in on several for my 3 shot. I have a game plan in place, and as long as I keep the ball in play, and remain patient, I still like our chances. If my 20+ handicap partner can contribute on a few holes, we could do some damage.

  2. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Best Ball is a fun event to play. One can only hope that your team can "Ham & Egg" it around the course.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes for you :)
  3. You nailed in Darius, just make sure that both of you don't screw up on the same hole.
    One good thing about all of this rain. The greens keeper is not afraid to lower the mowers. The greens are as fast on my course as they have been all summer. I love fast greens. Get the ball started on the right line, don't decelerate and it gets to the hole much quicker, and less chance of missing. On the flip side, if you decel your putt, or start it off line, you can have an even tougher putt coming back.
    With my partner, who is a 20 or so handicap, he needs to make a couple putts early. If so, then game on! If he 3 putts early then I have found I need to be combination therapist/counsellor and talk him around the golf course. Unfortunately, my degree is in business so I am not very good at talking people down off the ledge.
  4. Unfortunately, my 21 handicap partner played more like a 30 or so on Sunday. Today, he was much better, but we were too far behind.
    Me, I played as well as I could, shooting 82 and 83 on my own ball for the 2 days. I didn’t make any putts the first day, and today the course played longer, so I hit fewer greens, but actually made a few par putts so we finished a respectable 7 under today. Yesterday we were 4 under, so we were not even. Still a great weekend, but we did not win any money.

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