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By MRau

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  1. Is titleist still doing ball testing where the TT members get to give feedback?

    The 2019 proto Titleist balls are alreaout put on tour as of the Dell technologies tourney!

    Hopefully if we do get them we will able to give feedback.

  2. JKissoon

    Ajax, ON

    I hope I get to test out some of the new yellow pro v1's!
  3. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    What ???? I never thought I would see a yellow ProV1 !!!! I have tried the AVX :). Love it !
  4. Clearly someone has got them. Can't wait to test them. After september it's becomes less and less reliable to test as the weather starts to get sketchy. Fingers crossed.

    Image is from someone who must spend more than me on Titleist to get the Soo early.
    Post Image
  5. steve m

    steve m
    oakville, ON

    This morning I was surprised to find a small box on my porch that contained two sleeves of balls from Titleist. They are labelled 2019 PROTO with one set having red #1 and the other set having black #1 stamped on them. I will be trying out both these of these balls tomorrow with my weekly men's league round comparing them to my current gamer which is the 2017 PRO V1.
    I am very excited to try out these new offerings of the best ball in golf! I will post my findings after I get a couple rounds with them.

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