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By BMaddigan

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  1. I don't know what other guys do, but I like to track my scores, fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts. Before GPS, I used to do it manually on the scorecard, now with my Garmin I can just sync my watch with my computer. Another stat I like to keep in number of birdies. I don't keep it as a function of rounds played, but rather straight up. So 3 years ago, I made 154 birdies. I have not been that close before or since. And to be truthful, I feel I am putting now better than ever. This year, one week into September I am sitting at 88. So a realistic number this year will be 120 or so. Making it to 100 is a big deal for me. Just wondering what other people track?

  2. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Great to hear you are making so many birdies !!!
    I use my Garmin G6 to track all my scores and your post prompted me to download my stats and have a look at the numbers. The key for me has been GIR and Putts per Round. I have currently been managing an average of 51% of Greens in Regulation with an overall average of 1.9 Putts per hole.
    This is actually a great improvement as three years ago I was averaging over 2 putts per hole and my Greens in Regulation has also improved. My index has dropped significantly sine I had my meltdown and subsequently rebuilt my swing. I went from a 9.3 index to a 4.6 so I look forward to reviewing my stats relative to GIR and PPH as the season winds down specific to my Post Meltdown Period :)
  3. Wow, that is a big drop in index.
    I average 35% GIR, and around 1.65 putts per hole.
    Another number I track is 1 pt for GIR, and 1 pt for one putt. Subtract one for double bogeys and 3 putts. The trick is to get as close to 18 as possible. One putt birdies add 2, chip in birdies add 2.
    I am not hitting as many greens this year, as I am playing more often from further back tees, but my putts per hole has gone down. Scoring is about the same. Index has gone up with Golf Canada changing the ratings.
  4. Rolled in 5 birdies today to make it to 100.
  5. Sebastien D

    Sebastien D
    LAssomption, QC

    I track eagles, birdie average, GIR and FIR.
  6. I don't make many eagles so they are easy to track. I have only ever hit two par 5's in 2 in my life. I can recount those really easy, too.

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