TS2 or Phantom X?

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    Tillsonburg, ON

    I've been saving up for a TS2 driver after getting fit and gaining 11 yds, but the new Phantom X 6str is also calling my name. Just want to get some other opinions, Driver or Putter? I can't get both.

  2. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    Which club do you currently prefer - existing driver or putter. Which area of your game do you need more improvement in? Go for a fitting and see which new club gets you better results - failing all else, one uses a driver 12-14 times a round. One uses a putter 25-40 (hopefully not much more!) times a round.
  3. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    I think Jason has hit the nail on the head... One uses the putter much more often than one uses the driver in each round. He correctly notes that you need to review where you are losing the most strokes. If you are hitting your current driver as well as the new TS with the same dispersion, then the net benefit is 11 yards on up to 14 holes. On those holes, if it allows you to hit 2 or three more greens in reg then it will likely save you a couple of strokes per round, however if you tend to get up and down a lot when you are close to a green, then there may not be much of a total change in score. You need to review your entire game and see where you are losing the most number of strokes. If you struggle with your putting then it is likely you could save a lot more strokes per round with a properly fit Scotty... Looks like you will need to do a lot of naval gazing and review your overall play last year to make the final decision :)
  4. Scott D

    Scott D

    Have to agree with both Jason and Darius.

    Tillsonburg, ON

    Looking at my last 20 rounds I have averaged 35.6 putts/round and hit 63% of the fairways. Both areas of my game need work. I think putter may have a slight edge based on these numbers. Agree?
  6. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    PAZTOR said:

    Looking at my last 20 rounds I have averaged 35.6 putts/round and hit 63% of the fairways. Both areas of my game need work.  I think putter may have a slight edge based on these numbers. Agree?

    These are my thoughts on your question...
    If you are missing the fairway by a lot and it is because of that you are struggling to hit the ball close to the hole from the rough leaving yourself 30 and 40 foot putts all the time, then your putting is pretty darn good and I would look to get my tee shots into the fairway. If you are just missing the greens and chipping up inside of 10 feet on a regular basis yet still averaging almost two putts per hole, then I would look at my putter. Over all, I am never disappointed when I can average below 2 putts per round, however if the first putt is seldom for a birdie then it is time to work on getting on the green sooner. 'Tis a tough game !!!!!
  7. James G

    James G
    Kitchener, Ontario, ON

    I think a lot of good discussion here. A new driver unfortunately costs $550+. For average golfers like myself, the shaft (engine) and head combo might change but in reality its the swing that needs the work.
    Putting is everything. Last year I Struggled with putting and decided my eyes changed. Switched from Scotty Red X centre shafted to the new Scotty Square back and save 2- shots per round on the ones that matter. A four footer here to save par, a 6 footer here and there to make birdie. Confidence that I could get the putts rolling took apprehension out of my short game and allowed me to flow better rather than panic.
    Any driver being played from last few years would be similar in ball speed and swing speed. So if the choice is one or the other, putter. If the driver is wild and the putter is a non issue then Driver.
    Just my two cents, a great discussion here.
    Cheers Team
  8. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    I agree with Darius on 2 putting depending on the proximity to the hole point.

    Tillsonburg, ON

    So I decided to go with driver. TS2 10.5* with the Evenflow shaft set in D4. I was getting 4-5 mph more in ball speed and hitting it farther than my 915D2 with about the same dispersion.
    I figured if I could have a shorter iron into the greens I should be able to hit more greens and give myself more birdie putts so at worst I 2 putt for par instead of bogey or worse. I only make par or better 35% of the time so hoping I can improve on that this year.
    I'm taking it out for the first time this afternoon so I am super excited.
    Thanks for all the feedback.

    James - I am currently playing a red X2 center shaft as well.

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