TS2 Fairway Wood and Hybrid Swingweight

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By Ricky Y

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  1. Ricky Y

    Ricky Y
    Markham, ON

    I have been off for about 10 years and recent resume playing. Clubs in my bags are aged, the most impact is the fairway wood (16.5) and 3 & 4 hybrids which are all in steel shaft. I am thinking of upgrading the fairway wood and hybrids to graphite.

    The TS2 fairway wood and hybrid fits my eye very well and my swing a lot, Regular flex is all I need. There are two stock shaft options in regular flex for both the fairway wood and hybrid, KUROKAGE BLACK DUAL CORE and TENSEI AV SERIES BLUE. Are the swingweight the same with all stock shaft options or they varies?

  2. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Hey Ricky... Like you, I liked the look of the TS2 and had a fitting last year. Unfortunately I waited too long to pull the trigger and make the purchase. Now that the new TSi line of metals is out, the availability of the TS2 is very limited. The set-up for my new TS2 fitting was no longer available. I understand that 10.5 heads are pretty well sold out everywhere. I know there will be some last minute sales available in some stores before the new line comes out. Hopefully you find the set up you want, or.... perhaps wait for the new line of TSi's to hit the shelves :)

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