910 D2 Driver adjustment help

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By Norman S

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  1. Norman S

    Norman S
    Montville, NJ

    If I adjust my driver from the A1---(stock position driver loft at number printed on head and face open 1/2 degree, lie angle 58.50) to position A4--(loft now 1.5 degrees more--example 8.5 printed on driver head in the A4 position is now a 10 degree driver with a lie angle of 60 degrees) does this have any impact on the 1/2 degree open face?

    The reason I ask is that I thought as you increase loft and lie --- you would naturally get more draw bias in the ball flight.

    I was told that if I was to move from the stock A1 position to the A3 position ....same example as above....the A3 position make the 8.5 driver a 10 degree driver with a 60 degree lie angle but the face would change from 1/2 degree open to 1.5 degrees closed promoting draw it making it easier to square. This would mean that each adjustment of .75 degrees more upright effectively closes the face 1 degree.  

    Can you confirm or shed some light on the above.  


    The confusing thing to me is I thought as you increase loft and lie it would increase draw--but not so by your chart.


    The reason I ask all this is because I just built a new driver using your head (a 910 D2 8.5 with a high end 48" shaft) ...I knew I needed about 10 degrees loft and 1-2 degrees close face from prior experience with a long driver.  I have it set in the a-3 position ..effectively 10 degrees and 1.5 closed if my assumptions are correct and I must say this thing is a bomb. I have picked up 25 yards over my prior long driver ----very similar specs.  

    My question is ..... is there any way with 1.5 draw bias to get the lie angle to come down----I would love to have the club sit a bit flatter at address.

    PLease let me know if my conclusions are correct in terms of the adjustments...............Thank you Norm NJ

  2. Steven B

    Steven B
    Sollentuna, 0

    Hi. Look at the performance guide matrix and plug in you specs in the A1 setting, it will provide all the lie and loft information. But your calculations are correct. I play a 910D2 and had it in A3 last season but have now moved it to A2 to get the ball flight and spin down.



  3. Ryan Crysler

    Ryan Crysler
    West Palm Beach, FL

    Indeed there is! The B-4 setting is 1.5 more loft and .75 flat. The settings are designed to not necessarily influence ball flight direction. They are designed to precision fit the player by optimizing ball flight performance variables such has ball speed, launch and spin. RC
  4. What be a good setting for me if I want to keep my 9.5 lie but create a strong draw?

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