816 H1 vs H2

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By Jay W

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  1. Jay W

    Jay W

    any experience choosing between these two?

  2. Marc B

    Marc B
    La Quinta, CA

    Quite a bit, I have both at the moment but picked the H2 for the compact head shape. The H1 was a little large to my eye though it might not be the case for you. I seem to do better with more compact head shapes. I wanted the trajectory of the H1 with the look of the H2. After a month of testing shafts I settled on the H2 19* set to (I think) D4 which is neutral 20*, with a Fujikura pro 73hb shaft in X flex. I was looking to replace my 3 iron with something that fit between my 915f 16.5* and my 4i.
  3. marc b: have a question for u re: your hybrid, would u consider replacing your current 4i with a 2nd 816H2 23 degree, adjusted to 24 degrees? trying to figure out clubs in bag: 10.5 degree driver - 16.5 degree FW - H (1 or 2) - if 2, then 5i-9i - wedges (pw-gw-sw-lw) + putter = 14 clubs. thx
  4. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I thought I would like the smaller head of the H2, since I hate clunky looking clubs of any sort. I hit an H1 when I was being fit for my AP2 716s last October ('15) and really liked it. (Don't remember why I never tried the H2.) A few months later I got a good deal on a virtually new 21* 816H1 trade-in and decided to go for it. (It looked like it had never been hit.) I have hit it so well all season that I am afraid to change to an H2. If it ain't broke...
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I hit both when they first came out. Ended up with the H1 because with the shaft the fitter put in both club heads, Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec, the H1 seemed to perform with a tighter pattern at the target for me. Additionally it flight was higher. I seemed to hit a cut with the H2, where with the H1 it went straight with identical settings. If you are considering one, please go see a fitter. It did my fitting on a range with a Titleist fitter.
  6. H2 get the right shaft and it's the best hybrid on the market

    Summerville, SC

    I originally bought both my H2 19* and 23* when they first came out, but recently switched out the 19* with the H1 for more forgiveness. I tend to get the trajectory I need with that club. I love my 23* H2 because it falls in line with my iron distances. You can't go wrong either way, but DEFINITELY GET FITTED!
  8. Justin S.

    Justin S.
    Manhattan, KS

    I play the 816 H1 19* w/ Fujikura Motore shaft. I went with it because I could not get the carry distance with the H2 that I could with the H1. The H2 spun too low for me and it just fell out of the sky. The H1 also gives me more chances to go at long par 4's and Par 5's since it has the height and stopping power on the greens.
    Make sure you test both. I thought I was going to get the H2 since I previously played the 915Hd, but that was not the case.
  9. Have the H1 in 21 degree and love it! Looking at getting an 18 degree H1 as well.
  10. Everyone talks about getting fitted for the Titeist Hybrids H1 and H2 but you can really only change the shaft, loft, and grip or am I simplifying it too much? I'm thinking about getting the H2 because I like a high ball flight but I don't want to lose distance if the balls hit and stop quickly. Any thoughts/

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