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By Matthew M

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    Howdy all, thought i'd ask the community before making any hasty decisions. Been playing Titleist drivers for the last 6 years (LOVE EM). Currently playing a 915 D2 - Stiff shaft.

    I've seen modest changes from the 910 to the 915 over the years, which as been fine by me - My driver game has been consistent - I hit straight, ability to adjust spin and flight are awesome - BUT, I am a gear snob, and love the latest and greatest. (#TitleistbreaksTheBank)


    The 917 appears to have made the biggest strides in technology changes. Hoping yall can help. Anyone out there notice changes with the 917's performance? I did go to get fit for the 917 BUT - I take monitors with a grain of salt. Wanted to hear what some folks think about the new model that have played it on the course a few rounds.

    Looking for:

    Improved Distance Maintained workability The same beautiful Titleist driver sound.

  2. RJohnson
    Cleveland, Oh

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    I went from the 915D3 to the 917D3, better looking, better sound and more forgiving. I have picked up a little distance, but more forgiving and accurate were the biggest reasons.
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    Love my 917D3, it is forgiving and I even picked up a little bit of distance with it. Had the 915D3 before it and it was a solid driver. 917 is just much better technology, totally different sound though but I like it. The look took time to get used to but I love it now. Huge improvement on accuracy from 915 to 917. Hope this helps, good luck!
  4. Emil S

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    I have a colleague who recently switched from 915 D2 to 917 D3 via custom fitting. The biggest changes I've seen is not in distance but in dispersion and his mishits are rarely out of play anymore. If you're looking for distance I would look more towards your swing than gear, otherwise I personally find the 917 sexy as hell.
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    Warning: The 917 sounds nothing like the 915... it's more muted and "dead" which apparently the tour players prefer. None the less, is still have a 917D2 9.5* on order.
  6. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    I've got a 915D3 and it's been great. Not quite as forgiving as my buddy's png G30, but the distance and feel is better. I've been test driving the 917D2 with a Diamana 70g shaft and gotta say it's like putting the best together. I like the look, sound and feel better than the 915 AND with both of us hitting it on the test drives around the course, the distance is there, AND we both agreed it's much more forgiving without compromise, and at least as good as his png if not better. I'll be getting one, maybe even the test demo since it feels spot on, and he's talking converting too.
  7. Dave D
    Palos heights, IL

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    Upgraded from 915 D2 to 917 D2. For me I picked up 5 yards and dispersion is much better. I also love the sound. Always seems solid.
    Worth it!!!!
  8. H.C.
    Hong Kong,

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    Taking advice from people above, I took the plunge and bought a 917 D2 even though I was perfectly happy w my 915 D2 (even though I had put an ugly scratch on bottom of face - but does not affect performance). My initial thoughts:
    - 917 D2 ball speed and therefore distance not significantly higher than 915 D2 on well-struck shots off center of face
    - 917 D2 backspin not significantly lower vs 915 D2 (like others have mentioned)
    - 917 D2 does deliver better ball speed and therefore distance on off-center shots
    - 917 D2 does sound a little bit better than the 915 D2 (though I have gotten used to the 915 D2 sound)

    So overall initial conclusion: Though I am not unhappy w the 917 D2's performance, I probably could have stuck w my 915 D2 for another year or two.

    Am I missing something?
  9. H.C.
    Hong Kong,

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    Also seems like the 917 D2 launches a little bit lower than the 915 D2...

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