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By Christian O

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  1. Christian O
    Quebec, QC

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    Hi, I'v tried the new T-MB (Dynamic Gold s300) and the AP2 (Project X6.0). My currents irons are AP2 712 (dynamic gold SL S300). The T-MB were impressive on feel and performance but the ball flight was a little bit to high. Is the Dynamic Gold SL would be a good chouce in order to get a lower ball flight and is there other shafts option? What are the upcharge ?

    Thanks Christian

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Bunch of options, both at base price and some with up-charge. Do a fitting. They will have most every shaft option on site so you can see and feel the differences before you buy.
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    Similar to Dave, you’re going to need a fitting. I believe the TMB come stock with Dynamic Gold AMT shafts which tend to produce a higher ball flight than the standard, heavier Dynamic Gold shafts (at least they did for me). Really need to hop on the trackman for a few swings and you will find out.

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