Dynamic Gold AMT Tour Issue vs. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue

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By Corey T

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  1. Corey T

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    I participated in a Titleist Thursday and feel in love with the AP2s (currently play a CB/MB combo but went with a open mind and numbers don't lie - smile). It was recommended that I go with the AMT Tour Issue. My question is does anyone currently play the AMT Tour Issue having switched from DG Tour or KBS Tour 120s? Given that you are only hitting one iron as opposed to going through the set I was not sure how much difference in feel to expect in the lighter long/mid irons same in going down to the lower irons with the shafting getting heavier than the 120s (KBS Tour 120) that I currently play.

    Would appreciate any feedback on the difference to expect in feel and ball flight through the set. Trying to decide whether to go with the AMTs or the DGs.

  2. Corey T

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    Apologies, I'm actually playing KBS Tour 130s in my irons (X stiff not S).
  3. Todd S
    Beavercreek, OH

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    I would expect the AMT long it's to feel similar to your KBS. But the short irons will feel heaver.

  4. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Corey. I didn't get the steel shafts but I did go with the Tensei Pro Red AMS in my new 718 T-MB's. You definitely don't feel a distinct weight variation in these "ascending mass" shafts. I do notice a difference in flighting, high long irons and more boring short irons, which I like. I have only been playing them a few weeks now so my opinion is based on about 8 rounds. Hope this helps.
  5. Corey T

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    Dale, thanks for the input....helps a lot.... the flighting input is great!!!

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