KBS C-Taper vs Tour Issue Dynamic Gold

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By Corey T

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  1. Corey T

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    Looking for those that have either tested or switched between the KBS C-Taper and True Temper Tour Issue Dynamic Gold. I'm curious as to your thoughts on feel, ball flight, distance, and dispersion.

    I did a Titleist Thursday and fell in love with the 718 AP2 but they did not have the C-Taper shafts available (or the Tour Issue ... used regular DG and AMTs).

  2. JoeyC
    Minneapolis, MN

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    I can't attest to the Dynamic Gold's, but I'm currently playing C-Taper's (X 130's) in my 716 AP2's; I absolutely love them.

    These were fit for me on a Trackman with an experienced fitter. My 6 iron swing speed was averaging 98, with a few over 100, so these shafts certainly aren't for everyone, but me they were.

    If you have a dispersion problem attributable to flex, and your swing is somewhat/mostly in check, these could help tremendously. For me, they helped me remove the equipment variable and instead work on my swing flaws.

    I had an excess height problem with standard stiff shafts, and these really brought my ball down.

    Personally, I think they feel amazing. I actually would like to try them in a blade, given the chance. They also look killer with the brushed finish (try a white MCC grip)

    I would get yourself to Club Champion or some other Trackman fitter and at least get some specs on these.

    They get my vote.
  3. Mike H

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    For a year I had a set of irons with both. The irons were very similar one set is the 714 cbs which had the ctaper. These were more penetrating ball flight with the spin I liked. The other set with the dgs appeared to my eye to launch higher. I do have a high ball flight already so I went with the ctapers.
  4. Nick D
    Long Beach

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    I am a PX fan myself, but have played TTDG in the past and CT(L) as well... I do not prefer the TTDG at all, may be the weight but I tend to hit them shorter than any other shaft and they are terrible in the wind for me. The CT had more of a penetrating flight and seemed to spin less. Feel also goes to the CT, but like I said, neither compares to the PX 5.5 for me, which I have in my 716 AP2 where dispersion is best. The others were less than impressive with the edge maybe going to the DG.
  5. B.A.
    Los Gatos, CA

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    I can't give an opinion on Dynamic Gold, but I'm not a fan of Dynamic Gold. I am a HUGE fan of the C-Tapers, the C-Taper Lite is amazing as well. I do like PX as well and my new 718 I got the PX LZ since they are pretty similar to the C-Taper and no upcharge and am happy with them as well.

    Hope this helps a little, but make sure you try and compare whatever you are thinking of before ordering. Otherwise you're likely to have second thoughts. A Titleist fitter/club should be able to request whatever you want to try from Titleist.
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    I recently switched (back) to DG X100’s after having played KBS Tour 130X in my AP2’s for a couple years. The switch was prompted after spending several hours on a trackman and seeing numbers that were more obvious with every swing. KBS and PX LZ were overspinning by 1000+ rpm, causing greater dispersion, way too much height and a loss of distance. Both the DG’s and KBS C Taper are great shafts, but they are for very different swings; recommendation is to hop on a trackman.

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