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    Last week, had a fitting session for the new woods, irons and wedges and Joe Colbert of Titleist here in South Florida was absolutely terrific. His knowledge and excellent way with people allowed for a master fitting session. As a result, I am ordering a full set of clubs because the product and the experience with Joe was so top-notch. If you can get fitted with Joe, book it, you will be ecstatic. Best, Steven B.

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    Dallas, TX

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    Happy to hear you went the route and got fitted for clubs. My theory is why would you not get fitted for clubs? You wouldn't just grab a suit off the rack just because it looked good. You would try it on and see if it actually fit you. The key element in clubs, IMO, is the shaft. It is the "engine" that drives the club. Only a fitter will have access to many shafts. Good luck with your new clubs!!

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