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By Marc J

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  1. Marc J

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    Hi all team Titleist

    I'm looking at upgrading my current Titleist Golf set ; looking at upgrading my irons to maybe sort sort of combo set. Currently taking lessons twice a month and the handicap is slowly going down. Handicap is at a 15 at the moment

    Here is my current golf set up 915 D2 10.5 Degree driver B2 Setting ; swingspeed 88 - 93 mph, Regular Shaft 915 F2 3 wood B2 setting, Regular Shaft 915 H 21 Hybrid Degree C3 setting, Regular Shaft 818 H1 23 Hybrid Degree C3 setting, Regular Shaft Iron are 712 AP2 Iron XP95 , 4 iron to PW Regular Steel Shaft. I've taken out my 4 iron and I'm no longer hitting consistently and replaced it with 23 degree hybrid. Vokey Wedges SM6 52-08 F Grind Gap Wedge 56-10 S Grind Sand Wedge 60-12 K Grind Lob Wedge Titleist Prov1X golf ball png Putter ( sorry can't quite make it all Titleist)

    I'm looking at possibly upgrading to the new 718 line of irons possibly looking at maybe going with the AP3/AP2 combo. don't really want to change may wedge as I recently just bough them.

    Any suggestions that all of you may provide would be greatly appreciated

  2. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Go see a Titleist fitter and try out the new clubs and shafts combinations on the Trackman. The truth is in the numbers and performance and they are the pros. That's what the majority of us do....with great results....each time we get new clubs......Titleist Thursdays are free....Cheers
  3. Marc J

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    Thanks Chuck for the advise;
    Well I did go get fitter and did try the 718 AP2 as well as the AP3. My numbers for both sets of irons where very similar with . Just keep coming back to the AP2.
    Also decided to upgrade everything that I had so my new set in roughly 2 1/2 weeks will be as follows
    917 D2 driver
    917 F2 3 wood
    818 H1 Hybrid 21 degree
    818 H1 Hybrid 25 degree
    718 AP2 Iron 5 - PW
    Had new Vokey SM6 wedge just recently bought 52 Gap, 56 Sand, 60 Lob.
    Also got fitted for a Scotty Cameron 7M putter.
    Can’t wait for all of it to come to try it on the course this year and through the years.
  4. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    There's enough new technology in the 718 irons over the 712s, that you'll likely see a difference. Since the 4I AP1 is difficult to hit, you may want to look at the AP3 all the way through. You can see the results with both the AP2 and AP3 7 irons, especially off of turf for a fitting, and decide if you'd prefer either. For anyone playing no more than 1 round a week on average, any of the AP irons are a good choice. Now get the opinion of a good fitter.
  5. Marc J

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    This will be new golf set in roughly 2 1/2 weeks.

    -Titleist 917 D2 Driver 10.5 deg Regular Flex
    - Titleist 917 F - 3 wood 15 Deg Regular Flex
    - Titleist 818H1 Hybrid 21 Deg Regular Flex
    - Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid 25 Deg Regular Flex

    Iron # / Loft / rough distance carry
    - Titleist AP2 718 irons- 2 deg Flat ( 4 - LW ) XP95 regular shaft

    5-27. Distance roughly 156 yrd
    6-31. Distance roughly 146 yrd
    7-35. Distance roughly 136 yrd
    8-39. Distance roughly 126 yrd
    9-43. Distance roughly 116 yrd
    PW-47. Distance roughly 106 yrd
    GW-52. Distance roughly 95 yrd
    SW-56. Distance roughly 80 yard
    LW-60. Distance roughly 65 yard
    - Titleist Vokey Wedges SM 6 model - 2 Deg Flat ( 52,56,60) lofts
    - Scotty Cameron 7M putter
  6. Don T
    Lafayette, CO

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    As its been said, a fitting by a certified Titleist Fitter is a must! Let him know what you think. what your goals are. These guys can make magic happen.
    I went into this last fitting figuring he would put me in a AP3 set of iron. Not to be: AP2 with a graphite shaft did the trick. Outperformed the AP3 and the AP1. 158yds with a 7 iron. Thanks to my fitter--Gregg Herbison. Titleist Specialist.. Now if I can just my Driver sorted out
  7. Marc J

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    Hi Don; got fitted for my new 718 AP2 . Went with 5 iron - PW ; XP95 regular shafts for all. Tried both the AP2 and AP3 with different shafts combinations but kept coming back to the AP2 . They are such a nice feeling club when you strike them in the middle; just didn’t get the same sensation and feedback with the AP3.
    Decided to upgrade everything that I currently had with new for the upcoming golf season as Titleist rep was doing fittings at this golf store location. New set coming in roughly 2 1/2 weeks will be as follows
    917 D2 driver 10.5 degree ; regular shaft
    917 F2 3 wood 15 degree; regular shaft
    818 H1 21 degree Hybrid ; regular shaft
    818 H1 25 degree Hybrid; regular shaft
    718 AP2 irons- 5 to PW
    Already had new Vokey Wedge SM6 wedge based on the following
    52-08 Gap; S grind
    56-08 Sand; S grind
    60-12 Lob ; K grind
    As Titleist was doing fitting decided to complete the set with a new Scotty Cameron 7M putter.
    Cannot wait until they come in and for the golf season to start. With the lessons that I’m taking and new clubs ; I’m sure that the handicap will be going down this year.

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