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By GReid

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    Guys, a long time Titleist devotee - recently undergone a new ( paid for ) iron fitting session and placed an order for a ( not at all inexpensive ) 4-PW set of 718 T-MB’s. It was always the case when I’ve placed orders previously that a half dozen Balls with a fancy “Custom Fit Centre” sleeve came back with the clubs in the box. Just picked up my order today via my local Pro and only a miserly solitary sleeve of Pro V1x was in the box. Is this a sign of the times ? Things getting harder for Titleist these days ????

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    Wow! I ordered a set of AP1s (5-9, PW, 48 and two 818s (19 and 21), not inexpensive, after a fitting and all I received was the clubs! Didn't realize there was supposed to be freebies tossed in, too. Oh well, I'll take the tighter dispersal pattern and more distance with clubs fitted to me and my game. On a serious note, I truly didn't know there was this sort of tradition of presents but it does sound pretty good! Maybe you'll get a hat.
  3. David C
    Vicenza, Italy

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    Times are great! It is everyone's expectations that are way out of line. I am not picking on you GReid. The expectation of today's customer is in my opinion out of control. But I guess that is the world we live in!
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    I got fitted for my 718 AP2's and again not inexpensive, but I too only got my golf clubs. And yes the superior performance, longer distance, the accuracy etc. have all been quite the bonus. But mostly as a Team Titleist member, I have enjoyed receiving great advice and wisdom. A TT bag tag and some other goodies won a contest to the tune of a dozen Prov1x, and even when my fiance bought me a 910 D2 driver and Hybrid, used for Christmas, Mitch from Titleist Canada sent me a tool and weight set as I wasn't able to buy one through the shops here.
    So perhaps, they send out less balls, but man o man their support elsewhere is simply amazing!! ( and very inexpensive as well!)
  5. Roy McAVOY
    Oswego, NY

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    Just ordered a set of ap1’s, didn’t expect anything to be thrown in, I guess if there is, it’s a sweet bonus.
  6. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Suspect they have been coming from your "Custom Fit Centre" and not Titleist. That's where you need to direct your beef, not here.

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