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  1. First of all - just wanted to thank Titleist and this terrific forum. I’ve learned so much here these past few years. A little over three years ago, after a significant period away from the game due to shoulder injuries, work and life commitments, I returned to the game I love almost five decades since I began at the age of 12. I got fitted by a Titleist rep for AP1s, D2 Driver, Fairway, 816 hybrid and SC Newport putter. LOVE my bag!! Having dedicated a lot of effort in instruction, practice and fitness, I’m playing just about as well as I did in my thirties. I think I’m ready to step it up to some AP3s and new driver/Fairway clubs. Any thoughts from you veterans or Titleist staffers?


    Summerville, SC

    First off, welcome back to the game! I just recently switched from the 714 MB's to the AP3 irons and I will tell you they are something special. They give me all the forgiveness I need on my off days along with workability. If you are a decent ball striker the AP3 irons will be a good fit. My advice is get fit so you can get the most out of these gems. I hope that helps. Hit'em straight!
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Sounds like you have a plan. My only suggestion would be to be open-minded during your next fitting to make sure AP3 is best for your game. I went into my last fitting thinking AP3 and ended up going TMB. Go ahead and experiment until you feel confident and then enjoy.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I didn't start golf until I was your current age. About a year and a half ago, I started work with a TPI certified trainer. Not only did it cost me the price of training, over time, I've purchased new clubs to match the changes. Moved from 65g graphite 716 AP1s to 95g TT Red AP3 to feel the head, and adjusted hybrids on what lofts to use to replace irons, and moved from using a 7W to adding 5W and 4W as I can now launch these off the deck. I started with a 917 D2, and I'm afraid I'll have to look at the TS2/3 to again optimize loft/launch. The gap on the AP3 P and my SM6 48 wedge did not require new wedges. If you really need to get a new bag to celebrate, then be sure to try both AP1/AP3. Otherwise, you may want to start with the woods and work back to get your best distances and gaps.
  5. Doug H

    Doug H
    Little Chute, WI

    Regarding the AP3's. I played Ap2's since they came out and absolutely loved them. I'm older now and don't play as much, 3 or 4 times a week compared to 1 round a week. I gave my AP2's to my son and bought a set of AP3 and couldn't be happier. I can get the ball over trees again an carry it over sand traps and get it to stop on firm greens. I wouldn't have bought these clubs 10 years ago but they are right for me now. I was a 4-5 hdcp and now play to 10.

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