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    This week I spent some fitting time with my local Titleist folks. Swung both the TS 2 and TS 3. I saw very little difference in stats with the 2 heads. The new standard length for Titleist seems to be 45 1/4 or 45 1/2. I use a 43 1/2 so I had to choke down a couple of inches. Ultimately selected the TS 3, HZRDUS Smoke, 60 grams, 9.5 deg., low to mid launch, low spin, and of course 43 1/2 inches, with a mid size Golf Pride grip. Since my results were so close, I selected the 3 because it just looks better to my eye. Both are 460 cc's but the 3 looks a bit more compact.

    There is always excitement for me in acquiring a new driver, (Titleist only gives us the opportunity every 2 years) but in this case, I was very much impressed with how the club flowed in my swing, like it was made for me alone. I will be at the edge of my seat until I can actually get on the course with this baby.

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    Anyone know the specs on tensai 55 av stiff shaft? weight, torque? Thank You
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    The tensei 55 av blue stiff is 58, 4.9 torque with a mid launch according to the Titleist custom option club catalog.
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    You can look at this option guide to find the specs on the shafts:




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