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By DKing

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  1. Recently won in the competition for the ultimate fit at Walton Heath Golf Club as part of the British Masters. And have to say was left disappointed. Fitting time was 8.30 and asked what club to try and I said the 718 ap1. Started hitting some balls but noticed track man wasn’t set up up and because some rain started to fall no one seemed Particularly interested. They finally got track man out with about 5 minutes left so wasn’t fitted at all. They then forgot to give us a goodie bag and only received one when I popped back because had left my umbrella behind. For something I was very much looking forward to was left very disappointed.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Sorry for your disappointment. Every fitting I've had done at expert Titleist fitters have always been professionally performed and to my satisfaction. Not every one has been with a Trackman but always with some electronic device to confirm the observations down range.

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