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By Justin B

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  1. Quick question for the Titleist fitters. I recently purchased a 11.5 TS2 Driver. I currently have the hosel set in A1. My strike location is dead center, but 1/4-1/2 inch high on the face. My miss is a neutral path with slightly closed face. I've played with tee height but I still get the same result. If I lower the tee, my attack angle just gets lower and I still get the resulting slightly high strike. My goal would be to keep my attack angle in the 2+ range but lower the strike to just slightly above center. Is there a lie setting that I should start with that would potentially bring the strike location down slightly? I would guess bringing the toe up would raise the face, but also encourage a more left path, which is obviously what I would like to avoid. Any thoughts on how to fit for strike height through the hosel adjustment system would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Justin, not PGA certified so don't take this as absolute but my thought would be to keep your settings where they work

    best for you, and try moving the ball forward in your stance a bit so you start to get impact more on the upswing.

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