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By Pcas

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  1. I recently went for a fitting at st ives for my irons. I got fitted for KBS TOUR shafts.

    I love the performance of these clubs thanks to the fitting.

    I am now after some new wedges, should I get the same shaft that was recommended in my fitting or get standard shaft that comes with the sm7??

    I know what loft and bounce i would like, its just the shaft i am confused with.

    I would nip back to saint ives but its a 5hour drive and ive just come back from there last week.

    Thanks Peter

  2. Hi Peter,

    I was grappling with the same question earlier this year. I play the KBS Tour FLT's in my irons, which are very similar to a KBS Tour. The advice I got from my fitter was to go with KBS Tour on the wedges. I did just that and have been playing with them in my SM7's for 4 months now. My vote would be to stick with the KBS Tour.

  3. Hi Ed.

    Thanks for the reply!

    So you didn't put kbs tour flt's in your wedges, you just put normal kbs tour shafts in ?

  4. Hi Peter,

    As I recall, it was that either KBS didn't offer FLT's in a wedge or that Titleist didn't carry it. My fitter researched this for me before the fitting as well. The wedge fitting results confirmed the KBS Tour was best and of course it already had the weight and feel that I've become accustomed to. The bottom line is that if I could get FLT in the wedges I would have, but the FLT's and Tours are pretty darn similar anyway.

  5. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    I always matched my wedge shafts to my iron shafts. If you like the feel and flight of the irons, why not do the same to your wedges.
  6. I was fit a few times before gaining the confidence to move from Dynamics Gold S300s to KBS Tour 120 Stiff. I now use the KBS in my AP 2s; then, I use the KBS Tour Wedge Flex in my 54 and 58 degree Vokey's. They fit my needs for mid-flight and mid-spin well.

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