Oké AMT s400 vs AMT White S300/ TX100

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By Zangetsu

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  1. Zangetsu


    Hey all,

    Had an iron fitting yesterday, focussen really on shaft. Combination test 718 CB and shaft.

    Had a trackman, indoor wasn’t swinging that great however one constant was there.

    I loved the feel of the (older model shaft) AMT s400 felt and in sync with my swing even though i wasn’t performing great. One problem i was spinning the 7 iron around 8700-9900 rpm depending on strike. But it felt wonderfull to hit and effortless something in can’t often say. And it’s A feeling i missed.

    Seeing the high spin numbers/ ss the fitter told me to hit the x100 AMT( older model) and dispersion became a tad bit tidier, and spin dropped down to 7200-7700 rpm. Also gained a bit of yardage.

    It would be my optimal shaft as i saw the numbers however it felt like it took a lot more effort to swing the club, and i have a tendancy that effort starts me down a rabbit hole of death grips and over stiffening. So i am a bit unsure what to do. Also on top of that, in the newer version the AMT tour white there is no S400 only s300 and i am afraid this might even ramp up the spin Numbers even more.

    Kind of going crazy. Absolutely loved the feel of the S400 AMT but way better numbers with x100. Any advice/tips? Also should i just get the new S300 tour white or track down an older s400?

    Would love Some help!

  2. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi, Here's some good news. The AMT White is offered in the S400 so you can order that shaft in your irons.

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