TS2 head weight change suggestion with 45 in shaft

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By Peter C

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  1. Peter C

    Peter C

    I currently play the TS 2 with the Tensai stock shaft, stiff flex, standard length (45.5) and std weight. I am going to start testing the same set up with a 45 inch shaft. Should I change out the weight to the +2 weight in order to get a comparable setup to compare numbers? Any feedback is appreciated...thanks.

  2. I am assuming from your question, that you were probably not fit for the driver. Go see a Titleist club fitter and get fit, or refitted if thats the case. But, to offer a hint of an answer to your question... I am a club fitter and most people won't notice the difference in SW from loosing .5". A good club fitter will be able to tell you with confidence, what set up is best.

    I hope this points you in the right direction.


  3. Peter C

    Peter C

    Thanks Adam for you reply. I was fitted by a Titleist fitter for the original set up. I did not do another fitting when I purchased the second shaft, which is the same one just a .5 inch shorter. I was just curious how going to a 45 inch shaft from the 45.5 inch would effect the head weight in the TS2 head. I am hoping to have comparable setups so I can accurately compare the numbers I get, that’s why I asked about needing to add +2g in weight with the 45 inch shaft. Thanks again for you feedback.
  4. Hi Adam, since you are a club fitter I would have a small question for you. I went from the stock 45.5 to 45 in the TS2 and was wondering what the loss or gain in distance for .5" would result in, if any. Any insight from you would be much appreciated. Sorry for being off topic a bit.

  5. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi Peter, Assuming you are using the Tensei AV Blue 55 R or S with a stock grip and no extra wraps, the swingweight will probably move from D4 to about D1 if you cut a 1/2". A D1 swingweight is still in the ball park, but if it feels too light, go to a fitter and play with the +2 and the +4 weight. The +2 will get you to a D2 and the +4 will get you closer to D4.
  6. gary h

    gary h
    Torrance, CA

    Yes, +2 weight would better the swing weight of the club.
  7. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Hey Cathi...
    Got an old question regarding the head weight that I never really got clarified. I was fitted at a local golf shop for the TS2 driver 9.5 degree and Tensei AV55 stiff in stock length. They did not switch out the head weight. When I bought the club I had them install standard MCC+4 grip with 3 extra wraps. Nobody mentioned if it would affect the swing weight. Should I be concerned about the weight, and if so what weight should I be using to get back to standard swing weight?

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