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By VFalkenklev

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  1. Hello,

    I am going to get fitted for a new 718 set. I am interested in a AP2/AP3 Combo set.

    The challenge is to get the lofts in a perfect way.

    Let me know what suggestion you think is the best or if you have a better idea. Thanks in advance.

    Suggestion nr 1: AP3: 4 iron standard 5 iron standard 6 iron standard 7 iron standard 31° AP2: 7 iron standard 34° 8 iron standard 9 iron standard PW standard 46° SM7 52° SM7 58°

    Suggestion nr 2: AP3: 4 - standard 22° 5 - 1° weak 26° 6 - 1° weak 29°

    AP2 7 - 2° strong 32° 8 - 2° strong 36° 9 - 2° strong 40° PW - 2° strong 44° SM7 50 SM7 56 bent to 55° SM7 60

  2. Your fitter will be better at making a recommendation than me, for sure, but wanted to share my experience.

    Last year I was fitted for 5-6i in AP1s, 7-48 in AP3s, and my fitter bent the AP3s to match the 1 degree stronger AP1s. This might seem weird, but I found during the season that I like the feeling of the AP3s much better than the AP1s. So much so, I just swapped out the 5 and 6 for the AP3s (Merry Christmas!). Now all my AP3s are bent 1 strong, but just getting back from the range this afternoon and so looking forward to stepping up with more confidence and a better feeling for the long irons this coming season. Might even look into getting the 4i.

    Good luck!
  3. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    I also have a split set of AP2 and AP3's. Had them bent to your suggestion #2, per my Titleist fitter.
  4. ADeLucia

    Clayton NC

    another suggestion I have is playing a TM-B for your longer irons. I play ap2's 5-pw and play a 718 Tm-b for my 4 iron. It provides more forgiveness than the ap2 4 iron and also I feel like I get more distance and better flight for shots into the wind.
  5. Peter C

    Peter C
    Bedfordshire, UK

    I was fitted for AP2 5-Pw and an AP3 4i bent 1deg weak to fit the gapping. I’m sure a fitter will be able to suggest the best option for dispersion front to back to blend the set.
  6. I'm currently playing: -
    3 & 4 T-MB Dynamic Gold
    5, 6 & 7 - AP3 AMT Red 2* flat
    8,9 & P - AP2 AMT Red 2* flat
    SM7 - 50* 54* 60* Reg Wedge shafts
    I went combo as I found my previous AP2's plateau'ed at 4&5, that is, they went about the same distance.
    I'm pretty OCD and consistent gapping was very appealing. My fitter offered to bend clubs to suit but in the end, the thing that mattered, distances, seemed to fit with the new clubs. Even the overlap at 7/8 seems to work well.
    Test as much as you can and trust the expertise of your fitter. - Try first, bend later.
    Good luck

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