Fitting with Jim Pooler A+++

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By Chris Y

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  1. Just wanted to leave the highest recommendation possible for Jim Pooler. He recently fit me for the new TS series driver and 3 wood. In actuality (with the understanding that especially for an amateur like myself, that there can be fluctuation in my swing given a certain day), he unfit me from having been previously been poorly fit into a different TS driver setup that had me lose all confidence after what I considered to be one of the highest levels of trust that I had gained in my driving with my 917.

    He also fit me for hybrids, irons and also fine tuned my SM7 makeup to ensure the proper gapping and loft/lie combo. He shows the utmost professionalism, kindness, patient, knowledge and ability to impart the knowledge in a tailored/effective manner relative to the customer's ability to absorb the information.

    I have had previous experiences with Jim fitting into other Titleist gear from models in the past including putter as has my dad and we have nothing but praise to share and would highly encourage anyone to seek out Jim for their Titleist fitting. Thanks, Jim!

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