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By SGriffin

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  1. Would like to know what you recommend to change the standard grip on my TS 1 Driver to midsize and how would it affect the club, also interested in cutting one inch off the shaft.

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Both of those changes will affect the swing weight. You may want to work with a fitter to see if those changes will also require you to change the weight (lighter or heavier) installed in the head.
  3. Does the TS1 Driver have CG weights? When I take the end cap off there are no weights in the compartment.
  4. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    The round removable piece at the back of the head (behind TS1 logo) is the weight.
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  5. After 3 years consistently playing with my 716 Ap1 Irons , I am thinking of switching to AP3 ( specifically the blackout addition) . My handicap is now a consistent 10-12 this year and significantly better then last years 15. I have established a great tempo in my swing and strolling the ball with about 85-90% consistency. My question is thou, do you make the jump to a AP3, I have hit AP2 in the past but I feel I am still not ready for a full players iron. I heard the AP3 is combo of both a distance iron / Player iron/ with some forgiveness. Thoughts please and Iam a full time police officer , so I always remember to leave my feelings at home
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  6. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Making the switch is really about you being comfortable with the change. If you aren't sure, then I would suggest finding a Titleist Thursday event (or just a Titleist Fitter) and go through the fitting process for the AP3s. Going through the fitting process will show you which head (AP1, AP3 or AP2) and shaft are best for your swing. The Titleist Thursday events are free and if you just go to a Titleist fitter typically they'll do the fitting for free if you order the clubs through them.

    Best of luck!
  7. gary h

    gary h
    Torrance, CA

    Thanks for taking care of our community.
    AP3 is super easy to hit, my buddy got a set and he doesn't need to practice at all to hit good shots ;)
  8. As Barry B has said putting on a midsize grip will make the grip end of the club heavier, lowering the swing weight a little bit. Depending on the weight of your current grip and the replacement grip it may not even be noticeable. Shortening the club an inch is a bit more radical. That's a pretty big change. What are you trying to accomplish? If you're getting plenty of distance off the tee but need a bit more control shortening the club may be a solution. In any case I'd do it under the guidance of a good fitter.
  9. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    The mid size grip would normally decrease the weight between 1 to 1.5 points and the 1 inch will decrease the swing weight a further 6 points so a significant 14 plus grams in head weight needed to offset
  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I went to a fitting today and out of curiosity I asked to hit the TS1 driver. I know the fitter well and he explained that this driver was not for me because it has a very light head and the shafts they put in them are extremely light as well. It is designed for golfers who have a slow golf swing. He did allow me to hit the driver and he was right. At 73 my club head speed for a driver is around 92 mph and with my normal swing I hit a high banana hook. Due to the lightness of the club I had to make many adjustments just to hit it down the middle, but I did. Why do you want to cut the shaft?
    If you feel it is too long and you want to increase accuracy, the try gripping up a half an inch and see the result.
    Hopefully you we properly fitted for this club. I would go to the Titleist dealer where you purchased this club and see what the real issue is. You can purchase a weight kit thru them if you feel you need additional weight. If you have a fast swing, this club may be too light for you......
  11. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Forgot to add that the difference in a regular grip and a midsize is about 10 - 12 grams...... I would not worry about that.....when I got fitted, I ordered midsize grips on my new clubs and did not worry about the swing weights and never have on any of my clubs......

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