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By Michael M

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  1. I currently have a TS3 driver with a reg size MCC+4 grip and a 6g neutral Surefit weight installed. The swingweight is D4. I will probably change the grip to a MCC+4 mid size. What Surefit weight would I most likely need to use to achieve the same D4 swingweight?

  2. The heaviest you can get...therre is a big weight difference between the two grips so you may also need lead tape. I would consider just building up the grip with tape to the same size ... IMHO
  3. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    The midsize MCC+4 is 6 grams heavier than the standard MCC+4, so without changing the Surefit weight you are reducing your swingweight to somewhere between D2 - D3. A 12 gram Surefit weight should bring you back to D4.

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