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By JBrydon

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  1. Is it possible to book two sessions back to back? Am interested in a driver, fairway, hybrid, set of irons and two or three wedges.

    Only in my second full year of playing, down from 23 to 10 h/c.

    Had three sets of irons already, various drivers, wedges etc ( I know ) but never felt the fitting has been really about me and my needs.

    Hence, whilst the fitting centre is 100 odd miles away, thinking as opposed to going to a pro / shop who seem to fit in to what they want to sell, taking a day out, try to get two appointments and get fitted up for a full set. Thus hopefully ending up with a bag that really works for me and that I am happy with.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Madhatter


    Have a look for a Titleist Thursday near where you live, might save you a 200 mile trip.

  3. Thanks
    Am aware of the Titleist Thursday’s but am looking for something more in depth.
  4. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    Having done a full bag fitting, I'd probably do it over two days rather than in one go. It's harder on the body than you'd think.

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