Opinions needed: Titleist fitting or Retail Fitting?

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By Austin B

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  1. I’m 26 years old carrying an 11 handicap. This summer was my first summer playing golf after taking a break for 2 years. When I stopped playing a couple summers ago my handicap was a 3, unfortunately some personal stuff came up & I had to take a break. I’m currently gaming 714 AP2’s (5-PW) 913 hybrids (19 & 24 degree) & vokey wedges (50, 54 & 58). I was fitted for these clubs while attending school at the golf academy of america in 2014. I’m ready to get new hybrids, irons & wedges and I’m trying to figure out the best place to get a thorough fitting. There’s a Club Champion, GolfMD & GolfTec in my area. After contacting each I decided to schedule a fitting at GolfMD for this upcoming Thursday. I’m curious what you all think, would it be better to get fitted at a Titleist Thursday event as opposed to a retailer like GolfMD? I have always played Titleist & don’t plan to change that anytime soon & I know national chains like GolfMD will want to have me demo every brand & model club they carry.. which is fine, but call it ignorant, I’m pretty biased & see very very little chance I’d go with anything but team Titleist. I live in the Kansas City area and would be willing to travel to get a good fitting from a Titleist club fitter if that’s what you all think is best. Any opinions are welcome.. thanks!

  2. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    I'd say since you have the appointment already scheduled with GolfMD, go through with it and then hit up a Titleist Thursday to confirm the recommendations. It looks like MARTIN CITY GOLF CENTER is a Premier Fitting center, so they will offer a great experience.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Guess it is a matter of choice. I personally use the Titleist Thursdays and have excellent results. Love hitting the clubs on a range, seeing the flight of the ball and the feel of the clubs off the turf. I know for sure that the Product Specialist is a Titleist Cerfitied fitter. Those fittings are free and in "some instances" a discount is offered at the course where you get the fittings.
  4. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    I would only go to a Titleist Certified Fitter or a Titleist Thursday. The retail fitters like GolfTec and Club Champion will tear the clubs down and put in shafts that will run you $200.00 to $300.00 per iron. That's how they make their money. Titleist carries a good number of shaft options, many with no upcharge. I would trust the Titleist fitters over any retail people.
  5. JAYW3


    I'd go with a Titleist Thursday. Or search for Fitting Locations in your area.
  6. JAYW3


    I'd go with a Titleist Thursday. Or do a quick search for Fitting Locations.
  7. JAYW3


    And I second what Chuck Z says.
  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Unless you only play at a site like Top Golf, why would you get fit for clubs with turf interaction on artificial turf hitting into a screen from a flat surface? I'm a firm believer in getting fit outdoors on actual grass. Launch angles and ball contact are so different than on actual grass.
  9. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    Well Said Don. Real ball flight off of grass is absolutely the way to go if possible. That said, one can get a 'feel' of the club and shaft combos at any location and this is where I use places like PGA superstore and the like. Always try and get the final fit with full ball flight observed, trackman data and off of turf.

    Titleist Thursdays and fitting demo days are great value IMO.
  10. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I would find a professional fitter and hit outdoors. It is important to mimic what you play on instead of mats & screen. I would make sure they are reputable. If it was me i would seek out a Titleist Thursday event an go through the whole bag and not just a 6 iron and someone say this is what hybrid & driver you need based on your 6 iron.
  11. I would back up what Darryl has said... Definitely hit outdoors and also preferably off good grass. I will be meeting the fitters at my home club this coming Monday and I cannot wait!!!

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