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By Gordon M

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  1. Gordon M

    Gordon M
    Lanarkshire, 0

    Hi is there any update on when fittings will be available in Scotland , waiting to be fitted for new set of irons ?

  2. Hi any news on Scotland fittings yet.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Presumably when you access the website you default to the UK office, as I default to the US office. There should be contact numbers at the bottom to ask their office. When I access "Fittings" as a tab at the top of the website, I can search US locations for Titleist Thursdays, Premier fitters, and local fitters. I'm not sure what you see. Likewise, I have to check state by state for whether fittings can be performed locally. You'd know better if Scotland or UK rules apply for openings relative to the pandemic guidelines.

    Good luck! Hopefully there will be a time when we have some kind of normalcy.
  4. Gordon M

    Gordon M
    Lanarkshire, 0

    We have to wait till Scotland goes into phase 3 of COVID-19 restrictions which will be hopefully soon before fittings can start again.
    Happy social distancing golfing ️‍♂️Stay safe ..

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