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By mahavir R

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for advise on MB iron sets which are not offered stock on American markets. My dad uses ZM with NS pro 950 GH ( R). He was fitted way back in by an Asian golf smith.

    I'm interested in NS pro 950 GH as they are lighter in weight even with Stiff spec. While he can hit the project X's 6.0 just fine, he does have a weak right ankle so I'm cautious about shaft weight and length. He is 5 feet 10 and 170 pounds with a decent swing speed and swings hard. He plays one clubs less then me. He carries 7 iron to 180 yards. He is an avid player and likes to spend long hours on the range.

    Are there any special considerations or steps to take into account, when fitting shaft or building a custom 718/620 MB set with NS PRO 950 GH (S) . I'm particularly interested in how the tip is prepared as they are prone to fractures if not done right. I managed to send 3 iron head flying as it broke free under the ferrule ring. I'm curious about how Titleist staffers or licensed fitters would go about the fitting steps so that the build quality is as good as stock.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I have the 950 Pro GH in R flex in a T300. It was ordered through a dealer from Titleist. I have the same confidence in any club assembled by Titleist. The 950 Pro GH is not listed as a stock shaft but it is in the shaft matrix as a no up-charge option. Titleist provides a year's warranty against failure of any of the components.

    Having been to the US assembly point, all the shafts in the matrix pass an approval testing process to be included in the matrix. There are quality measures that at least check lots of shafts. The assembly station builds each custom set one at a time to standards for loft, lie, and swing weight when specified. The same lines also build the stock sets for distribution to retailers. Same build controls - one set at a time.

    If you elect to have an existing set customized by a local fitter, I'm fairly certain Titleist doesn't assist. The other issue is making sure you get a set delivered from Titleist. There are always counterfeits existing in the market place.

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