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By Teedz

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  1. Teedz


    Hey everyone!

    Ever since I started golfing I've been playing standard clubs and never have TRUELY been fitted before. My handicap currently is about 6-7. I've always told myself that when I FINALLY get a set of Titleist Irons (currently using TM Rocketbladez Tour that I got used when I worked in a golf shop YEARS ago), that I would get fitted for them. Since I don't have anywhere near the amount of money for a new set of irons, mainly because my wife an I have a lot of stuff happening this year, I'm using Christmas and bday gifts to get the wedges for my bag. Since those won't be fitted and will come standard, would it still be worth it to get fitted when the time comes for my iron set? And then use that information to possibly reshape the wedges I'll have to match? For people who have gotten fitted, did it make that big of a difference for you? I'm not too tall (6'0") and still somewhat athletic (played baseball all the way through college), so I wasn't sure if it would have such an effect on me but would like to hear your guys input!


  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Yes, it made a big difference for me. That said, I did not start doing it until later in life, when personal finances were eased a bit after the girls left home. Everyone has different financial situations and priorities on how they do discretionary spending so its really a matter of "do you want to refine your game a bit more or is it a lesser priority to other costs right now?" There are some ways to get a club fitting that does not cost you on the high end of the spectrum. The Titleist Thursdays used to be free but at least the current cost can be applied directly to the purchase of your clubs, making it a no-cost fitting if done on the same day. Some places to Titleist demo days which won't get you a ideal fitting but can at least ensure your basics like flex and Lie angle are being addressed. If you want to be serious about your golf, getting a detailed fitting will pay off in the long run, especially if you plan on keeping those clubs for a while. As for the standard wedges, a lot of people get fit for those too but since those are more feel shots, I would say fitting is greatest for woods, then irons, then wedges, if you could not do all of them. All is best, even putter and balls. That's my take it it anyway. Hope this helps.
  3. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    I've been golfing on and off for 50 years, and never got fitted for clubs. I would always demo various irons before buying and was quite satisfied with that. When Titleist came out with the 714 irons I was down in Sacramento and stopped at a golf course for a quick 9 holes, but was distracted by the Titleist demo display. Stopped in for a look and the fitter told me he had a cancellation if I was interested in going through a fitting. After an hour of trying several different shafts/clubs I was astounded at the difference each setup produced. As luck would have it, the next appointment never showed so I really got a thorough workout and a great education from the fitter. Not only were we able to find what combo works best for my swing, but it also afforded me the opportunity to try low/medium/higher launch setups for my preference. For me it was quite an expense for a new set of irons but there was no pressure at all to buy. I ended up waiting until the following spring before ordering, and consider it one of the smartest moves I ever made regarding golf. As for wedges, I carry 3 SM8's but never was fitted for them. Recently just for the heck of it I ordered an SM8 with a lighter shaft similar to my irons, and compared to the stock shaft, it really improved my wedge game too. Conclusion is for many players off the shelf clubs may work fine, but I will never buy a new set of clubs without going through a proper fitting, and strongly recommend hooking up with Brian Eilders if you get the chance.
  4. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Every club in the bag should be fitted for you, otherwise you are wasting your money, plain and simple.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Getting fit for any club from driver to putter can optimize the setup. A wedge fitting can fill your distance gaps and help you select the grind to match your swing and courses you play.
    Part of the gapping will involve the loft of your PW. Whether you will need a Gap wedge may vary by the loft of the current versus a potential new set of irons.
  6. Yes, it is worth it. You can and should also get your wedges fitted - most places are free fittings with purchase anyways so no risk. They should focus on gapping, grind and bounce options as well as shaft along with length/lie angle and grip. Wedges are extremely important to get right so get fit for those and when you are ready get fit for irons. During your iron fitting you will see what difference (if any) the stock set up produces vs. the recommended fittee set and that should at least give some peace of mind.
  7. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Short answer "YES" My last fitting took me from 716 AP1's Regular flex, standard length, loft & lie. To T200's 1/2" longer 2 degrees up AMT Black S300 and now I have better ball contact & distance with my irons.

    Simple as that. I didn't play poorly with my AP1's but over the 5 years I had them my swing had changed enough that it moved my strike zone on the face of the club towards the toe & at times I could tell I dropped a few yards.

    Always get fitted, it's a part of the game that is vastly overlooked as important.

  8. Yes, it is worth the expense of fitting to do so. If you look at these new irons as an investment in your game and take care of them you can get a few years of playing out of them if not more. So you take that high initial upfront cost and spread it over a longer time period and the cost is not that bad.

    I have been fit for my last 3 bag set ups and while the basics or what I need have not really changed much in my fittings there are enough little adjustments that the fitting is worth it every time.

    I remember in my 2nd fitting (1st at TPI) my fitter Lucas Bro said "North and South is the club, East and West is you." Meaning that properly fit clubs will eliminate the North and South so the distance is more consistent and predictable.
  9. Yes it is absolutely worth it. I have been fitted twice now and in both cases I know I did the right thing. One thing that was very interesting to me was looking at the numbers that was revealed from the shots, ie, ball speed, strike position of the ball, smash factor, etc, which is used by the fitter. These numbers clearly help your fitter determine which clubs are performing best. Also, and very important, you come out of the experience with a comfort level knowing you have clubs that you have confidence in.

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