Cutting shaft & swing weight?

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By heejae l

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  1. My son’s swing speed requires a light weight and regular flex adult iron cut to his height (Not your average kid, compare to top rankers in state tournaments and he now out-speed his US kids TS clubs)

    His optimum is fitted to a uncut, standard grip weight, and AMT red with T200. but if we cut 1.5” that will change the swing weight -9. What options do we have?

    Option A. Go with heavier shaft and cut to match swing weight? So would that be use a AMT black or White and cut it down 1.5”?

    Option B. Use same shaft (AMT red) and use heavier grip, add butt weight and lead tape at head to counter?

    Reading threads in the internet there’s so many options so how should we proceed? I’m leaning on A but looking for professional opinion! Thanks.

    Titleist Junkee.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If you custom order from Titleist and specify swing weight and shaft length, they can start with a heavier head and add weight in the head when buildings needed. The shaft would be shortened on the butt with minimal impact in the shaft flex. IF Titleist can’t get all the way to that swing weight, then consider just adding lead tape. This can all be negotiated during ordering. I think Titleist now has a line with specialists in assisting building clubs for children.

    The casting or forging processes are an art and not a science. Each head is weighed on the way in and sorted by weight range. Then matched with orders to minimize the amount of weight to be added during build. The advantage of a custom order over modifying a set off the rack.
  3. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    It takes a reduction of 9 grams of shaft weight to change swing weight i point so you won't gain much by cutting the white or black shaft. Looking at Option B to gain swing weight from the grip end a heavier grip will actually decrease swing weight so you will actually want to go to a lighter grip- each 5 gram reduction will gain one swing weight point and 2 grams of additional head weight will increase swing weight one point. You still may have to go with a lighter swing weight, but, using a combination of lighter grips and additional head weight will help

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