Chasing Scratch Podcast: The Titleist Iron Fitting Experience at TPI

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By Zack R., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Team Titleist Staff

    Our friends at the Chasing Scratch Podcast recently took a couples trip out to the West Coast and just so happened to be vacationing near the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California. Naturally, we had to have Mike and Eli come by and work with J.J. Van Wezenbeeck, Titleist’s Director of Player Promotions, to find which T-Series irons will help take their games to the next level.

    Just as with every Titleist Fitting, we focused on dialing in the distance, dispersion and descent angle across their bags. This 3D approach allows for more confidence than ever when taking aim at the pin because, after all, a golf club fitting is so much more than determining specs – it’s about learning which shots one needs and finding the right clubs to hit those shots.


    • Trackman Launch Monitor to evaluate ball flight characteristics while also monitoring turf interaction, sound and feel
    • Full Product Line
    • Featured and Upgraded Shafts
    • Pro V1 and Pro V1x Golf Balls

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  2. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    Chasing Scratch and Titlesist... 2 of my favorites to watch videos on!!!
  3. Love the Chasing Scratch podcast and videos. I just won Mike's 2021 T200 irons in the giveaway they did yesterday.
  4. James Young

    James Young
    Costa Mesa, CA

    The boys did well on this one - great updates to the sticks JJ and AD!!

    Mike with the Emilo 'Sneaky Sneaky' (Mr Deeds) at the end for B = Talge, Jacquelyn + others with the assist.

    #TeamBear #Goals
  5. Rob R

    Rob R
    Chicago, IL


    Mike and Eli are great to listen too and fun to watch. A very nice combo trip.

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