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By Michael L

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  1. Michael L

    Michael L

    My friends and I have boxes full of older model and used golf balls which we will never hit.

    Is there an environmentally friendly disposal process for these old golf balls?

    What does the manufacturer Titleist recommend regarding disposal of their no longer wanted products.

    I believe they should sponser a user friendly solution which all golfers could (and would I believe) participate in.


  2. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ


    Donate them to a First Tee Program or HS Golf team in your area.  Even a driving range close by.

  3. Michael L

    Michael L

    Thanks for these tips.Have tried both of these. The driving ranges do not want them. First Tee (great organization) has an ample supply of better quality golf balls in stock available for students. I guess one question for manufacturers would be Are golf balls recyclable? If so how, where and when? If not, should manufacturers take on responsibility for providing a proper return channel (through golf clubs or retailers who sell their products.

  4. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Stick em in your shag bag.

  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Lou G said:

    Stick em in your shag bag.

    My problem is someone gave me a 5 gallon pail in the 90's when I wasn't playing (I would occassionaly rent a set to drink beer with everyone else).  Mostly TF and Spauldings, altough I did find about 9 varieties of Titleist balls (might start a museum collection) as well as Hogans and one Palmer.  These were collected off a golf course by the guy's father in law (retired, just for the exercise walked a course).  Some had been weathered for a while, but most are pretty close to one hit wonders. I was cleaning the garage for the fall and found the pail and didn't even know they were moved over a thousand miles 9 years ago.

    I don't have any place to use these, so I don't know what I would do with a shag bag, other than to just hit them at a driving range.  I'm also looking for an option other than the landfill. 

    BTW, I found out opitc yellow and orange were popular TF balls in the 90's. 

  6. Michael L

    Michael L

    I and my friends have the same issue nobody wants the old-damaged-out of date balls either in a box or in the shag bag.

    I think the manufacturers shoud come up with a responsible solution to one of their core businesses (golf ball sales).



    I am sure this issue has been discussed internally as companies review their environmental responsibilites to our continent which would also iinclude gollf course maintenence (chemicals--watering) etc. What about the used clubs we all have a few in our garages also  that nobody wants to hit.



  7. Deno said:


    Donate them to a First Tee Program or HS Golf team in your area.  Even a driving range close by.


    Give them to your local First Tee, or High School team, I guarantee they will be thrilled to take them off your hand!

    If for some odd reason either of these won't take them (or you don't have either in your area) I know shops like Play it Again Sports will buy your used balls too.
  8. Disabled Veterans organizations would love to get them too!

  9. hi Michael. I appreciate this is a pretty old thread now but I wonder whether you got any more responses on options for recycling worn out golf balls? I am looking at markets for the material. Regards
  10. I have hundreds of old golf balls and am looking for ways to re-cycle them but no-one seems interested. Anyone any ideas??
  11. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    jsteel said:

    I have hundreds of old golf balls and am looking for ways to re-cycle them but no-one seems interested. Anyone any ideas??

    Contact the First Tee program in your area and see if they would like a donation. I am sure the kids would love to have them. The could give them to the kids or use them on the range. They make great shag balls. For the younger kids getting into the program, I know it would help them out. Just food for thought.
  12. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    My used balls and others that I may find on the course are tossed in a box each time I get home from golf that would later fill up about a hundred or more in a year or so. I hand them over to a local HS coach for him to distribute to his students and he's always very happy to take them.
  13. no one can go wrong with to much golf balls!! put a few in your bag because we all know we have those day and don't want to loose some good balls so i hit old one and if i loose them it doenst matter to me. 2nd have about 20 to 50 balls just to hit and pitch around the back or front yard nothing can go wrong when you have a few minutes to chip a few golf balls around the yard... 3rd if that doesnt seem good then just give them will run into a person .. even i will take them
  14. If I was me I'd either put then in a shag bag for full swing practice or taken them to my local range and just hit them. They have all sorts of balls I think it's more the merrier type of place lol.

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