Vintage balls - who has em?

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By Andy C

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  1. Andy C

    Andy C
    Newmarket, ON

    My uncle game me his golf ball collection and I came across a Club Special - Acushnet ball. It looks like it's only been hit maybe a few times.  Does anyone have a collection?

  2. I have a few crates of golf balls I collected as a kid (my house backed on to Glen Abbey GC) in the mid 1970s till early 80s. I remember this ball well, lots of players hit them during that time; though not as popular as Topflite or Titleist. I will try to fish out a few for a photo shot when I get a chance to dig through storage
  3. Here are 3 of my Club Specials plus some others I fished out. Most from the late 70s.
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
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