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By Jeremy W

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    I had my first Double Eagle on Saturday, I was playing Pro V1, it was on the first hole of Reese Golf Course in Lubbock, TX. I hit a driver, smoked it down the middle, I had 173 yards left with a tail wind. Pulled out my 9 iron, hit a good looking shot right at the pin, me and my partner were liking the shot, we couldn't believe when it went in. I had to squirrel my way around the course to keep it around par. I turned at -1 35 with one 3 putting. The back 9 was a little harder on me, couldn't get anything going. Last hole is a par 5, I was able to birdie it for a 74. Hope it's ok for me to share my wonderful story of Titleist Pro V1 here.

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  2. Cavin Poh

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    Nicely played!!! Congrats!!!
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    Wow that's awesome, great way to start off the day huh? Congrats!
  4. Joshua B

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    They say double eagle is harder than a hole in one... CONGRATS
  5. No'l
    Palmdale, CA

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    Of course... it's very okay. Congrats on the double eagie! ...and you did it with the correct ball!
  6. TSchwartz
    Newfane, NY

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    Congrats on the double eagle!!!!!
  7. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Nice double eagle. Rare shot. Congrats.....
  8. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    Sweet, congrats.
  9. Mike C
    Dallas, TX

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    Congratulations Jeremy, awesome accomplishment!!
  10. The Golf Father

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    Congrats !!!!
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    I had a double eagle Saturday during a golf vacation with 20 guys with an awesome ProV-1. Any place to register it?

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