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By AWells

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    So for the last 5 rounds of golf, I have had the opportunity to play more than one ball on just about every hole (the weathers turned and it isn't so busy). Now keep in mind I am a 15 handicapper, BUT I noticed a huge difference most of the time. I tested the Prov1 and Prov1x against, cally chrome soft, Wilson DT, Maxfli Revolution. The temps for the rounds were from 6-10 degrees Celsius, and course conditions very soft. So from the tee to the green, hands down the Titleist both felt softer. Both with irons and driver, I could easily feel the softness. On mishit strikes with the iron or driver, from the tee box, the Titleist "behaved" the best and the hit wasn't overly exaggerated. From the fairways to the greens, the Titleist both had much better launch angles and when they hit the green they had a much more predictable stop and drop. On the longer irons, 5-6-7 the roll out was much more consistent and better. And on the shorter irons especially the wedges, the spin was FAR greater than the competition and felt way softer. Other balls would spin back 6-12 inches in the soft conditions, and the Titleist I would get 3-5 feet. Putting the Titleist had a much softer feel off the face and it felt more like you were pushing the ball to the hole as to where the competition it felt like a rock would hitting a 2x4. With these differences, I found a saved a few strokes by being closer to the hole on the green, better hits and mishits from the fairways, as well as the teeboxes. Overall the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x are much better balls even for a high handicapper such as myself.

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Totally agree! I am not a long hitter but the overall advantages of the ProV1 outweigh my search for an extra yard or two off the tee. Love the ProV1.

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