AVX Balls in MI

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By Andrew K

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    I was at a golf shop in West Michigan and found out they carry the AVX ball. I thought that they only were in a small test market, or are they going country wide?

    I thought about picking up a dozen, but they would just sit on the self until spring so I decided to pass.

    Any other TT members seeing them in your state?

  2. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    In South Carolina, yes.
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    The theory of my local pro in WI is pro shops that are loyal (i.e. stock only Titleist balls) have had some sprinkling to gauge response. I saw them in a pro shop in NC as well. My pro did not know if he would be getting more in.
  4. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    For sure in Florida.
  5. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Maybe they are shifting all of them from my SoCal shops to other places before they all melt. These fires are crazy bad.
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    Which golf shop were you referring too?
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    Maple Hill in Grand Rapids.
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    Thanks Andrew!
  9. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Which one of us were you referring to? MI, WI, NC, SC, FL,or CA
  10. JAM

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    The AVX is available in "limited supply" in a Milwaukee pro shop.
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    I would love to get a dozen to test on our indoor TM 4 Simulator. I am the head coach for Hillsdale College Men's Golf. I am always encouraging my players to test different Titleist golf balls to ensure they have the best one that fits their overall game.
  12. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    Yes, Kentucky although limited
  13. Brandon C
    Rochester, MN

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    I picked up a sleeve from my golf shop in SE Minnesota (Rochester)...they said they had several dozen.
  14. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    I was able to purchase two dozen today. One white and one optic yellow. I really like the look of both. I hope to play with them over the next few weeks and will post my feedback.
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    A local golf shop here in Central PA has a limited supply.
  16. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    I played the yellow AVX today. 18 holes, temperature in the low - mid 50’s. I have played the ProV1 for the past 15 years. So here’s my initial feedback compared to the ProV1 : Slightly softer noticeable with the putter, similar trajectory, similar distance , slightly less spin on wedges and chip shots. Simply put......I played a yellow ProV1 today. Which is fine with me.

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