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By Robert C

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  1. Robert C

    Robert C

    I tried to order my yearly supply of balls and I asked that the Team Titleist logo be on my 4 dozen. My pro shop said the people at Titleist weren’t sure if I could have the logo. Please clarify if it can be used and how to order it?

  2. Elson C

    Elson C

    You should be able to customize it on the site
    I am not sure or the procedure on the local golf shop
    Post Image
    Post Image
  3. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    You should be able to order the TT logo (132569) from your local pro shop as that logo is available on-line through the My Titleist ball program.
  4. Lance P

    Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

    Good luck with the order as that logo on a ProV1 looks great! Not to wish you (or others) any ill-will but I'll be hunting the woods to find one...
  5. Robert C

    Robert C

    Tried to buy it in Canada and the Titleist rep said it’s not available for this promo. I’m disappointed Titleist Canada would follow the discussion dorado and comment directly.

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