Effect of freeze thaw cycles

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  1. I been storing my new Titleist balls in an unheated garage in Wisconsin over the winter. Will the effect of numerous freeze thaw cycles be noticeable on the performance of these balls

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Maybe a little. I always store my golf balls and clubs in my basement year round when they are not being used.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My unheated garage in WI (attached) is generally warmer than 15 degrees F even on the coldest days. If your garage is similar, little damage for 1 season. Clubs and balls should be stored indoors year-round. A garage in the summer if it gets over 100 can also be damaging.
  4. J.R. F

    J.R. F
    La Porte, IN

    I'm on the south end of Lake Michigan and have similar temperature cycles. I always store my equipment in the basement in the off season. During the season I store them at the course.
  5. They should be fine, it's not like the old Titleist Professional that had liquid cores or anything and it's just a rubber core. But I'd leave them and your clubs in the house. Especially irons and clubs with steel shafts. The constant warm and cold could possibly build rust on the inside of the shafts...
  6. Jon S

    Jon S
    Canton, CT

    This is interesting topic. I've always stored my golf clubs and balls in either the garage or the trunk of the car. I've never thought about it having any effect on the performance of any of them. Is there any data behind this that it actually degrades the equipment?

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