First round with Tour Soft

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By Andrew K

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  1. I was finally able to get out and play a quick round with the new Tour Soft ball. My first impression is "wow, this ball is really soft". My second impression is "I have to hammer it with the putter to get it close". I know it's early season and the greens will be slow but it felt like I was putting in sand with the ball. It seemed so soft that it wasn't coming off the putter head at all. I left every putt short, even the ones I thought I hit hard.

    However, if you want a ball to feel like butter coming off a wedge, mid and long iron - this ball is great. Distance wise it was on par/maybe a tad longer then the ProV1.

    I'm going to give this ball a slight chance as I purchased a dozen balls, but I have a feeling I'll be back to the ProV1 & ProV1x soon.

  2. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    Really very interesting... How was spin around the green?
  3. John M

    John M
    Clayton, CA

    I bought a box of the Tour Soft a couple of weeks ago after using NXT Tour soft and Prov1x for many years. I did notice that off the face, the Tour Soft felt like in many ways like the prov1x and even going way back to the Titleist balata balls circa 1978 when I started playing. The big difference is that after hitting the Tour Soft with a wedge or iron, there wasn't the telltale "smile" on the cover. I really like the Toursoft both full shots and around the green. I didn't have the same impression as you did when I was putting. Might be because of my putter (Cameron GoLo), not sure. I think Titleist hit a home run with the Tour Soft.

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