By Michael K

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  1. Michael K

    Michael K
    Sicklerville, NJ

    I decided to buy a sleeve of AVX's back in June to see how they would perform. Since I spin the ball too much with my irons and would often spin the ProV1x and the Prov1 off the green with my wedges, it seemed like a good idea based on the reviews. To my surprise, the ball still spins plenty, but rarely spins back to the point where I pull it off the green. I have continued to play the AVX, and have picked up a club in distance across my bag, with no loss of control and minimal impact on shaping shots. With the new AP2's fitted with the KBS C Taper Lite shafts in my bag for 2018, I have picked up 2 clubs this year. At my age, that means something (48 years). I feel that the difference in ball performance for me is as striking as it was when I changed from the Tour Professional 90 to the original ProV1 back in 2001. All I can say is WOW!

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