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By Jay W

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  1. Jay W

    Jay W

    I would like to take an unofficial survey.....please let me know who among you 10 or better GHIN index players, who previously REGULARLY played Pro V1 or Pro V1x have switched to AVX, and why....

  2. Paul H

    Paul H
    Saddle Brook, NJ

    I have been a 11/12 index for years. During that time, I have been playing the Pro V1 most of the time. My wife bought me a box of AVX for Father's Day and my last 4 scores have been 77, 77, 78 & 79. My index is now 9.5 and trending to 8.9. Although I did switch back to my old irons last month, I am afraid to change the ball since I think the AVX has been the biggest impact. I was concerned with the lower trajectory since I tend to have a lower flight on my driver, , but my drives are long and straight (even of mishits). Around the greens the ball stops on a dime and I can spin it. My putter has been great as well. I think I am a believer!

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