DT TruSoft loss in distance.

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By EFanny

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  1. Has any noticed a lose in distance and control with the new ones. I have been playing these balls and the DR Solo before them. This year I have seen a 30 yard drop off in distance and a noticeable control issue. I switched to hitting Bridgestone e6 and get both to come around better. I have not changed my swing or club during this time. I try very hard to keep consistency in my golf game. I don't play balls I just pick up on the course, no scuffed balls, and no refurbished balls. I play a 913d2 driver, 714 ap1 irons stift shafts. I do play pro v1 balls on occasion as well. I'm not a big hitter 5'8" 145lb. Drive the ball about 270. Thoughts on a difference titleist ball to play.

  2. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    Try the new Velocity, my wife was using the Cally S.S. and when she tried these she has been slaying the ball. Just a thought.

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