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  1. Thanks for the sleeve of 2019 Pro1Vx prototype golf balls. I felt they were about 5 yards longer with my 917 D2 driver and a couple yards longer with my irons. I love the different, more solid sound of the ball compared to the previous version. Great golfball.

  2. Outstanding new ball. Had the opportunity to take out in tough conditions (44 degrees with 30+mph wind) and felt like the ball performed fantastic. Seems to fly further with a slightly softer feel with great spin coming off wedges.

    Looking forward to them being available at retail.
  3. Consistently consistent. 5 yards longer and great around green.
  4. Love the new 2019 Proto balls Played in strong winds today and they performed better than my ProV1X. Great from 100 yards into the greeens
  5. You have a real winner with the new balls.
  6. I thought the balls have a very good ball flight. They seem to have a nice soft feel around the greens too. I would recommend these to my golfing buddy’s. Thanks for the opportunity to test these out.

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