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By Paul M

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  1. Paul M

    Paul M
    Stratford, ON

    The new ProV1 had better feel than last years model with improved or equalled distance and spin and holding on the greens

    The new ProV1x had the same feel as last years model with improved distance off the driver. The spin and hold on the green was similar to last years model.

    I prefer the ProV1x off the tee for the extra distance and on the fairway but the ProV1 is better for the approach shots on to the green because of the better spin and hold on the green.

  2. Dan K

    Dan K
    Flower Mound, TX

    I've now played 3 rounds with my 2019 Proto plus a scramble. I think this ball is definitely better (in my opinion) then last years ball (which was a really good ball). I've noticed at even with a little higher ball flight, the ball still carries out and is longer then my current ProV1x. Unfortunately, I did lose one Proto because I got bold and tried to cut a corner on a par 5 and there was a really big dog on the other side of the fence or I'd have gone over to get it back! The ball spins well on iron shots as well as shots around the green. I've also noticed a nice check-up with short irons.
  3. wormburner


    Well, lucky for you all to be on the Proto list. I've been waiting and waiting to see if I will get to play new prototypes again.

    I've even starting to think that the mail delivery persons along the way are avid golfers.... who would like to demo protos too......

    Can't wait for the Yellow ProV1s to come out. Do you think Bubba will be the first one to put it in play first???
  4. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    This is good news for you, in 2019 you will be able to mark lift and clean or replace the ball. Now you can have it all. Have a dozen each in the bag and swap as needed.
  5. Has anyone tried the AVX?? Thoughts??
  6. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The AVX apparently won't be getting an upgrade from the one officially released late this past spring. the 2019 Prototypes are all V and X balls. There are threads already posted you can search. Abby has posted some good information on comparing the V and AVX.
    In my case, the high visibility option makes it easier for me to follow. I don't lose much traction on pitches to greens over the V as I don't achieve a high spin rate. The flight is a little lower but the descent angle is also lower. My perception is I get a little more distance total off of hybrids/irons. I get a little more carry distance with the V. I like the feel off of both in the short game, the X is definitely not as soft. I'm likely going to move back to the 2019 V in amber. I don't think a switch one way or the other will impact my score. Soft ground conditions may do better with the V, harder ground conditions will be an advantage for the lower descent for the AVX.

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