Finally went to new ProV1 - it’s so good

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By John Z

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  1. John Z

    John Z
    Burlingame, CA

    Finally made the switch to the new ProV1 after I couldn’t find the 2017/2018 model anymore

    First round was the practice round of my club championship, which was a little nerve wracking. I didn’t know how much my yardages would change - not ideal for a tournament.

    End up running through the bracket, beating 3 former club champs in the process

    Win the final match 10&8 (36 hole match)

    This new ball is so good - absolutely killed any thoughts I had about trying other brands

    Thanks Titleist

  2. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    What did you find the differences were? Interested to hear what you have to say about the new ball compared to the previous model
  3. John Z

    John Z
    Burlingame, CA

    Iron distance was the main thing - probably 1/2 a club longer. Trajectory was also a little flatter which is great for me.

    Driver distance was pretty similar- maybe a few yards longer.

    Wedge distance spin is going to take some reps. Spin increased, but that wasn’t great on full wedges. Carry distances may have been less too.
  4. beaureed445

    Edmond, OK

    It's a great ball, for sure.
  5. I love the new ball as well. I've only been able to putt with the "new" ball indoors. I am back to Titleist after being a longtime cally user (was Titleist before that). I hope the durability of these matches the 2003 Pro V1 (still my favorite ball of all-time).

    The 2019 version feels great off the putter (both insert and non-insert). I'm not a fan of the alignment stamp (though it is much better than the TruFeel alignment marking) but the ball itself is great.

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