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By Dan W

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  1. Dan W

    Dan W
    North Grafton, MA

    I got a Christmas surprise from Titleist - two sleeves of new AVX test balls. I'm a big fan of the AVX, just wish it had a little more greenside spin. Rolled a few on my putting mat and it feels pretty similar to the current AVX, maybe a tiny bit firmer but still soft. Dimple pattern is definitely updated. Pic below has the current AVX on the left and the new one on the right. Looking forward to trying these out!

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  2. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    This is great news! My favorite ball (besides left dot.)
  3. As a Titleist AVX player for many years now, I received some 2022 test balls in the mail and swatted them around. They are great balls and instill the same confidence I have with the prior generations, and even at this early stage I can't wait to tee them up in a tournament. Really this review could end here but there are some great leaps with this ball that I as a player am very happy and excited about. This ball is a touch softer than prior AVX models but still just as or more responsive giving it a slight non-newtonian feel which is a huge accomplishment if not a breakthrough. This means I can hit the ball greenside with a little deader feel but losing no responsiveness which equates to pure feel in my world. I can tell this ball cover is a brother to the NXT tour S but not as chubby soft, more like a slimmed down soft which feels just right to me.
    I can understand why the pro v 1's are popular as its always great to stick a ball close from 200 to 110 yards in. I do miss that a little but the AVX more than makes up for it with the characteristics it has with Driver flight and control and total confidence around the greens and total confidence knowing the ball well and what I need to do with it with that particular shot. So I did stock up on prior generations but will be stocking up on these as well. This 2022 model is a great ball I think Titleist nailed it with this one.
  4. Jim V.

    Jim V.
    St. Marys, GA

    I too just received 2 sleeves of AVX balls. I am currently playing the second generation. Thank you Titleist!! There was no card in the box, so I do not know how to communicate my review other than posting to this link and I will definitely do that. I am looking forward to playing these!!
  5. Mike G

    Mike G
    Spartanburg, SC

    Just rcvd my 2 sleeves of test balls. Looking forward to trying on the course as early as tomorrow.

    Thanks Titleist
  6. Mitch B

    Mitch B
    Huntsville, Alabama

    I also received some. Not sure how much time I will get to test them out, since it’s starting to get cold. But nonetheless, I’m excited. Very nice work with the box and note card. More detail went into this than last time. Great job Titleist!
  7. Fred L

    Fred L

    Stole my post!! LOL - Christmas came 2 days early at my house as well. I also play these and can't wait to play them this weekend although it will be chilly here on Long Island.

  8. JAM


    Thanks for the update. I am a Pro V1 player, however, I have played the prior AVX and liked it. It may be time to switch. It will be on my spring shopping list.
  9. Military
    Just got in the mail. I gave a sleeve to my Dad and both of us will play them next outing.
  10. Doc


    Titleist as made my Christmas with a early surprise with two sleeves of fresh testes. (“Don’t be nasty”) hahaha Anyhow I want to thank Team Titleist for giving me the opportunity to test the balls out and give my feedback. As receiving these balls it could not have been any better timing. Iowa weather has been on the chilly side but Christmas Eve had temperatures up to 50 degrees. I got out and got the chance to hit them. And was I more then impressed! The ball is long off the tee as if the temperature being cold didn’t effect distance. I am anxious for the new season to see how far they will go with warm weather. I game the TS3 driver at 9.5 degree and the ball just jumps off the face with soft feel. My irons (718 AP1’s) again impressed with the ball flight and soft feel! Gained distance and workable around the greens, understanding course conditions aren’t ideal. I had the confidence that I haven’t had or felt in awhile. Great ball! Id be lying though if I didn’t get into trouble or bounce it off a couple trees. The out layer is very tough and walked away with only a minor scuff on one of the two balls. I had been lost for words on how impressed I am and was yesterday playing my round. I love the AVX and the new 2022 product is something I recommend to every average golfer to give shot. Thank you again TT for this opportunity it’s my pleasure to test and give my feedback! Golf on, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  11. I played one round with them; so far I enjoy the new ball. The ball felt great off the irons. I felt like I had a lot of control. Especially around the greens and on approach shots. Good distance off the driver and the ball was in good condition after 18 holes. I will make the switch from ProV1x to this ball.
  12. samuel g

    samuel g
    berkeley, CA

    I just received two sleeves of the final prototype for the 2022 also. Couldn't be more pleased!
    The AVX is one ball I want to make my gamer. I'm ready to give these a thorough go!
  13. Doc


    Getting a surprise in the mail for the Titleist Crew had made this Christmas special. I want to say thank you TT for the opportunity to test out a great product. With have receiving the new 2022 AVX test balls, mother nature also gave Iowa some 50 degree weather. Therefore I was able to get out and give these balls a couple rounds. I have been playing the previous models for the past 2-3 years now and I had falling in love with the ball. I was more then excited to hit a 2022 model. The ball is explosive off the face. I game the TS3 Driver and the ball jumps off the club face. I didn't expect to hit the distances I would in the middle of summer but I tell you what, my drives were at the lengths/distances as if I was hitting a ball in the warm 80 degree weather. The temperature on Christmas Eve(day i was testing balls) had been in the 46 to 50 degrees fahrenheit I am anxious to hit a 2022 in the middle of the summer as it may be longer yet. The ball has as softer feel yet and the flight and trajectory of irons were satisfying as ever. The ball had good reaction around greens with understanding of course conditions this time of the year. I was over the top with how this ball played. The confidence it had give me was awesome. The ball is long, soft, and walks the walk. This ball is made for the average golfer who wants to see the results like a pro. This 2022 model is something different and I am very impressed! Great work and credit goes to Titleist! I am very pleased with the opportunity to test the ball and I hope my feedback gives somewhat of an impression like the golf ball as done for me. I will continue to play the ball no doubt! Thank you again Team Titleist! Play on, take care, and Happy New Year!
  14. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Everyone loves a freebie to test.
    Best company by far!!
    Looking forward to trying these out ️‍♂️
  15. I got some also. A great Christmas surprise for Titleist. Can’t wait to try them.
  16. I just received mine too. Thanks Titleist! As a long time AVX player, I'm really looking forward to getting in a few rounds with them. I putted with them for a while today along with gen2 AVX. The 2022 AVX is slightly softer, a really smooth release. The gen2 is the best all-around ball I've played, so I'm excited to see how Titleist improved it
  17. I can’t wait to play the ball, I’m looking for softer ball with a little more spin and green side control; also great distance off the tee. And in the wind and against the wind.

  18. I think Titleist should make a baseball fitted hat with a T one the gate in the center and titleist on the back with prov1 AVX on the side.
    A player hat baby

  19. Ken D

    Ken D
    Nashville, TN

    I also received 2 sleeves of the new AVX Test balls and took them to the course yesterday. Played 2 shots one with the Current AVX (Yellow Ball) and one with the New AVX. Off the tee and fairway, I felt that I had fewer misses with the new model and gained an average of 3-5 yards. Around the green, I felt it checked up more consistently than the previous model. On putts I liked the sound on the previous model a hair better but felt the ball rolled true, like I expect from every Titleist Golf Ball.

    I give it an A. Great job Titleist
  20. Ken D said:

    I also received 2 sleeves of the new AVX Test balls and took them to the course yesterday. Played 2 shots one with the Current AVX (Yellow Ball) and one with the New AVX. Off the tee and fairway, I felt that I had fewer misses with the new model and gained an average of 3-5 yards. Around the green, I felt it checked up more consistently than the previous model. On putts I liked the sound on the previous model a hair better but felt the ball rolled true, like I expect from every Titleist Golf Ball.

    I give it an A. Great job Titleist

    Played new AVX Jan 1. Wow! Longer, straighter, wears well. Ball jumps off the club face. Can't wait for the national release.
  21. Albert D

    Albert D
    Henderson, NV

    I would like to say thanks to Team Titleist for the gift. I have played the AVX for over 2 Years not and after 5 rounds with the 2022 ball, I will continue to use them. I played in 65+ temperatures, 42 temperatures and all between as well as windy and no wind. I also played today with the prior generation and the new generation. Direct comparison--a little firmer but still very responsive. Cut through the wind as well as the prior generation and there was a significant distance gain with the new ball. I am going to guess 10 to 12 yards on the driver and about 7 yards on the 7 iron. I was able to control the trajectory better with the new ball vs the older generation. It did not balloon with the short irons like the previous generation. I think what I liked the most with the new generation, I play a lot of knock down shots in the wind and this ball reacted very well on those type of shots both keeping the ball down and once it hit the green it would take one big hop and then bite. Was able to hit the knock down off the fairway and off the tee on par threes. Out of the rough on full fairway shots it seemed to me that the ball got a little roll out but from the green side rough I could control the distances as well if not better than the prior generation.

    Titleist you can tell me if I am crazy but it seems that I got a much lower spin rate on shots hit with my driver than the prior generation. With the prior generation my ball would not roll out very far and this ball is really giving my gain in the roll out portion, I think. I am going to a driving range later this week that has trackman and will verify it but that is what it looks like at the present.

    Putting with the new ball took a little getting used to. The greens I played to day rolled between 9 and 10 according to the proshop. For the front 9 with the new ball I rolled the ball well past the hole and with the older generation I rolled it to the hole. On the back 9, I was able to get the pace and made a few nice putts. The new ball held the like and again rolled out a little more than the prior generation.

    Thanks again for a great new ball that I will be playing going forward.
  22. Jim V.

    Jim V.
    St. Marys, GA

    I have had a chance to play a couple of rounds with the AVX Test Ball. My current ball is the Gen 2 AVX.

    The biggest difference between the Gen 2 and Gen 3 AVX is the improvement in green side spin. I hit chips and pitch and run shots with a variety of clubs. With the Gen 2, I could land the pitch on the green collar and, depending on the club, it would release onto the green towards the hole. With the Gen 3, the ball hits and stops, maybe not quite like a ProV, but pretty close. Therefore, one can be much more aggressive with their pitches and chips.

    The new ball may be a touch firmer (or it could be in my head), but still has all of the playing characteristics of Gen 2 (great length, lower launch/flight, etc.). I plan to play the new AXV. Great job Titleist!!
  23. I had never played an AVX until receiving these in the mail, I’ve always played a ProV1, TP5, or Chrome Soft. I played these the day after they came in and absolutely love them. This will be my new gamer when they come out.
  24. Charlie1961

    South Carolina

    Anyone compare these to the Left dot? I’m thinking this is the Titleist master plan. That way they can call the AVX a tour ball and create more demand.
    Longer and bites better than prior AVX
    Are these on the conforming list?
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