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By John W

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  1. John W

    John W
    Arlington, VA

    Help needed!!  After a few rounds with the Select Newport 2 I got a couple months back, I spotted some grass/sand in between the weights and the sockets.  I like to take really good care of my equipment so this has been bothering me.  I was wondering if other fellow TT members have experienced the same problem and figured out a way to properly clean your putter without removing the weights?  I would imagine dipping the head in water may help to get most of the sand out, but don't want anything to rust as a consequence...  would really appreciate any feedback, thanks!

  2. Jason R

    Jason R
    Grafton, WI

    I have a few Scotty's and I like you tend to want to take care of them.  I would suggest using compressed air (either from an air compressor or a can that you would get to clean off your keyboard) and spray that in the weight area and sockets.  I don't think dipping the head in water would cause too much rust if any.

    I would start there and if not, toothbrush with water will get some of the sand out.  

    Hope this helps, here is to you and some good golf in 2015!  #teamtitleist


  3. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I have a small fiber brush (typewriter brush) that works really well at getting the grit out from around the weights without having to remove them. It's a must after most rounds in the fall when courses here top dress their greens.

  4. Bill H

    Bill H
    austin, MN

    Hello, First of all there's no reason not to remove the weights. It's easy and a necessary part of caring for the club. The gaskets tend to twist ever so slightly when the weights are installed and you are going to get foreign material inside the weight cavity. The club rusting shouldn't be a problem given the club is stainless steel. As long as you clean it and dry it the best you can there shouldn't be any problem. Incidentally, how do you keep your clubs clean without using water? You can use mineral spirits if you want to take the chance of the finish coming off your club or the paint softening. Otherwise, there isn't really any other alternative but water. Your over thinking it and quite honestly a bit paranoid. Clean it like you would your silverware at home. You'll get the same amount of rust. Fairways and greens, Bill
  5. Wade W

    Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

    Take out the weights.  Wash/rinse thoroughly.  Dry.  Replace.


  6. tdogg21

    Chambersburg, PA

    Some water and rag or toothbrush should do the trick.  Like someone else said, you're overthinking it.  Don't worry about it, it won't rust.  These clubs are designed to be played outside in all types of weather.  Think about the amount of salt air that hits if you were playing a course near the coast.  A simple wash won't harm a thing.

  7. Cole W

    Cole W
    Windermere, FL

    All of these so far are very good suggestions, don't be too worried about rust, but if you are just make sure to dry it really well and even can take a cloth with some baby oil to it afterward. 

  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I clean out any debris with a brush and wipe down my club with a damp wash cloth and dry it with a towel. Try to keep it as simple as possible.
  9. I do know this tread has been dead for a very long time but would like to resurrect it once again....
    As owner and user of a few Scotty Cameron putters I get questions at the golf course as to how I clean my putters...
    My answer: I lightly moisten a soft microfiber cloth with Ammonia Free "Windex". wipe the putter surface well and dry with a dry microfiber cloth. Then spray the complete surface with a silicone spray like "WD-40 Silicone", "Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray" or even "3M 08897 Spray". Wipe down again the a microfiber towel then store away into its head cover..
    Hope this post was worth resurrecting with my 2 cents......
  10. El bandito

    El bandito
    Bonny Scotland

    Good old fashioned tooth brush and sometimes a very small pin is required lol
  11. Tosh.


    I got a wee tin of oil and a Scott Cameron cloth with mine.
  12. Michael E

    Michael E
    New York

    Remove the weights clean everything out and use the oil cloth to lube the weights and replace.

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