Titleist STADRY Cart Bag Wear To Shafts

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By jamie b

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  1. jamie b

    jamie b
    Ashington, 0

    I have a STADRY cart bag and some 913 Woods (D2, 3W and 17deg Hybrid) the bag and clubs are about 18 months old, just before Christmas I noticed that the divider had worn through on the Driver slot. I have since inspected the clubs and noticed that all three clubs have worn shafts at the divider interface. In fact the Driver had two wear marks, one pre wear through and one post. As it was obvious a Titleist bag had caused the problem to Titleist clubs I thought it would be a no brainer that the Titleist would honour a faulty product and the resulting problems. Apparently not, they will replace the bag, however they will not replace the shafts as I had not pulled the sock on the head cover right down. I have spoken to them and explained that you cannot push the sock through the divider but apparently that is what I should have been doing (the design on my 816 head cover should be changed to allow this). My question is do you guys push the head cover socks through the dividers. Have a look at the photo and please let me have your observations and comments please. Personally I think that Matt finished shafts and an abrasive material for a divider are not good design and not of marketable quality. Regards Jamie

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  2. Martin W

    Martin W
    Poole, 0

    I have the same problem with a diamana blue 60 shaft. There is wear on the shaft where it lies against the titleist carry bag. I keep the head over over this area all the time, but it still wears. This is the first shaft where I have noticed such problems - does anyone else have the same and is there a way to stop this? Will titleist assist please?
  3. vurich

    First Tee Box

    Same thing happened to me. Are the shafts and/or bag covered?
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  4. Andy R

    Andy R
    Harrington, 0

    I have owned a number of titleist carry bags and the divider wear has happened on all of them inside 12 months. I now have wear on my 917 driver and 3 wood caused by last years bag.
    The irony is the new headcovers no longer come with the “sock” style headcover so shaft damage appears to be inevitable.
  5. Hi Andy, I forwarded your note to our President of Golf Gear. Here is his reply:

    Thank you for your comments. We thought you would be glad to know that Titleist recently set up a new business division to directly manage design, quality and production of Titleist golf bag, headwear, gloves, travel and other accessories (vs 3rd party sourcing). In 2017 we launched an all new collection of stand bags with top cuff divider materials that were specifically selected to avoid shaft abrasion. Going forward all materials will be selected in part to ensure to reduce any shaft abrasion. We value the feedback and will only seek to respond and remedy any design and quality issues dedicated golfers like yourself experience with our product in order to achieve product excellence. Thanks again and hit them straight.
  6. Ike B

    Ike B
    Wauwatosa, WI

    What do I do to get a replacement for the stay dry bag, which I love, but the material had worn out? What is the procedure for return/replacement?

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